The Spiritual Writings of ספר סודי סודות

סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם

The Book of Reincarnations - Sefer Gilgulim ספר גילגולים

written, intuited and explained by author of ספר סודי סודות

The Karmic Emotions of Anger & Hatred

Audio file is - [4] "Anger & Hatred" created by "other" people


If you had NO emotions - then you'd be defined as "DEAD". People who feel nothing - or deceive others and themselves by pretending they have no emotional energies - people who live through situations and circumstances but FEEL NOTHING - and aren't affected by anything or anyone - may appear to be human and alive - but surrounding their aura is DEAD energy.

That might be an exaggeration - because EVERYONE has emotional energies in their aura - the problem is people HIDE and BLOCK their emotional energies - behind a buffer, barrier and veil of LIES and DECEIT. Indeed, men hide their emotions better than women - therefore emotional energies have much more difficulty getting through to a man's aura than a woman - unless the man is more sensitive, spiritual and truthful - then he is able to be more like a woman - to FEEL and express his FEELINGS - to receive the intuitive emotional energy from the Moon and to use the emotional energies in order to make the right karmic decisions.

When you get emotional at the Full Moon, or whenever anyone triggers your emotions or whatever happens in your life that makes you EMOTIONAL it is actually a karmic SOURCE of HELP in your life - because emotional energies are created from "nothing". One minute you feel nothing - then suddenly something makes you feel "something" - that's powerful - creating something from nothing -indeed this definition is very profound and deeply spiritual.

Even if it is ANNOYING and DISTURBS you - which makes you become ANGRY - that's your EMOTIONS that are making your aura and your persona CHANGE. The amount with which you CHANGE by your emotions defines the strength of your character, defines the strength of the specific aspect that created you to become emotional and defines the "HELP" being given to you to motivate you into action.


It's your emotions that create CHANGE in your life and it's your emotions that will be switched on by "destiny" when it needs you to change direction of your life. So instead of getting upset or angry with the idiots who have angered and upset you - you should be saying THANK YOU to them - as they're instruments of karma and "destiny" that are GIVING you energy to CHANGE.

Every time you get ANGRY or ANNOYED by anything or anyone - you should know that it is affecting your soul and your karma - hence completely awakened and spiritually enlightened and karmically wholesome people - NEVER get ANGRY or UPSET or ANNOYED by anything - because their aura is wholesome and they understand if they are being annoyed - it is a karmic gift of energy - and hence they smile and enjoy receiving the energy.

Everyone on Earth has reincarnated in order to eliminate, comprehend and learn from every annoyance, nuance and negativity that one could possibly feel and experience in life. And usually it can take a lifetime to complete this mission - especially if you have to relive many past lifetimes and make all the necessary changes to your soul.

The karmic indicator that you have karmic work to do is the fact that you GET ANNOYED, DISTURBED, UPSET or NEGATIVELY EMOTIONAL by anything or anyone - and you ENJOY every single type of emotional energy that you feel and sense.


Karmic Emotions are signs from Past-lives

Every time you feel emotional is a SIGN that your emotions are being awakened - your karma is talking to you - you're being awakened - destiny is awakening your emotional energies in order to get you to DO something significant in your life. People who get awakened - but refuse to listen - then need to be awakened more - unfortunately many idiots in our generation who resort to methods to BLOCK and SUPPRESS their emotions like smoking pot, drugs and alcohol - are defining to the universe - that they don't want to FEEL - and they don't want to RECEIVE emotional energies. Ironically for them - the more they avoid "feeling" - the more the emotional energies become compounded to force a person to be awakened.

Let me redefine this - because EMOTIONS are awakened - every day - if you avoid FEELING something on one day - you're avoiding and blocking energies - therefore during Full Moon's - when KARMIC EMOTIONS are the strongest OR when your astrological energies OPEN you - all the compounded emotional energies will be kicked into action.

Specific destined inexplicable Karmic moments in everyone's life are GIFTS of ENERGY when one is awakened to receive emotional energy - you can't understand why you're feeling the way you do - and yet you do - the inexplicable factor is "destiny" awakening you. Becoming "emotional" is NOT a BAD problem that needs medication or suppressing - it's actually a karmic GIFT. It's your destined time to be guided to do something specific and karmic with your life - to relive a specific facet and moment from your past-life in order to cleanse you karma from that "past-life" energy and make yourself wholesome through forgiveness, acceptance and spiritual healing. These inexplicable Karmic moments of intense emotions - aren't things for you to avoid - they're energies you should ENJOY and embrace.


Three Stages of Karmic Awakening

[1] Inexplicable Events that Create Pain [2] Getting Emotionally Disturbed & Upset [3] Becoming "Emotional" & ANGRY


It is a FACT of life that NO-ONE reacts to positive things happening in their life as much as they do when negative things happen. Therefore the only karmic instrument available to awaken humanity is by creating PAIN, anguish and negative emotions. The spiritual fact of life - is that PAIN is the karmic gift that unlocks a person to become EMOTIONAL.


[1] Pain - inexplicable frustrations, pain and negative emotions - that identifies it must be karmic - because it isn't fair, it isn't just nor right what's happening to you. For if you believed it was fair, just and right - then you wouldn't be SHOCKED and SURPRISED that it has happened - and you wouldn't become UPSET. The fact that it is inexplicable means you NEVER EVER expected it to happen - which identifies it as karmic. The inexplicable pain entered your aura as a negative energy and makes you upset and disturbed - that "it" came in. This first stage might start making you ask "why" has it happened - but as it penetrates deeper into your aura and as it OPENS you up - you will be getting more emotional.


[2] Getting Emotionally Disturbed & Upset "you" as an individual - are made up for auric energies - so when you inexplicably get disturbed and upset - this means an unexpected energy has entered your aura - and disturbed "you" - in fact it is acting to OPEN your aura up. This manifests in "you" becoming emotionally upset. Many people IGNORE these initial disturbing energies - and therefore destiny tries harder to awaken the person - by making BIGGER situations manifest - until it awakens the person to become emotionally upset.

When you realize that becoming karmically "EMOTIONAL" is a HUGE blessing - then you see that to achieve the MAXIMUM emotional energy - you need to receive every little "pain" created by inexplicable real events that seem to be annoying, frustrating, UNFAIR and UNJUST - and collectively when "it" gets too much to endure - you AWAKEN spiritually - and search for answers. [Hence you're reading this website in search for answers!]


[3] Becoming fully 100% emotional is defined by ANGER - the reason is that the energy of ANGER - creates a fast-flowing HOT energy inside your body - that stirs you up inside - makes you ALIVE - as the blood pumps through your heart and around your physical body - your aura too - is being awakened - your mind gets stimulated by ANGER - and you see that "something" inexplicable is threatening your existence.

The astrological energy of Mars is defined as ANGER - as it creates a fiery furnace of HOT energy - this can be done through ANGER - and equally through passion of LOVE - but as a karmic energy - it will create ANGER. ANGER means you've been awakened inside through an OPPOSITION - the OPPOSING forces are the negativity created through BAD karma - and it now makes you WANT to destroy and eliminate the BLOCKAGE and FIGHT against the opposing forces.

Instinctively, most people use ANGER as a method to fight against BLOCKAGES and FRUSTRATIONS - but when ANGER doesn't work then they try violence - whilst spiritually minded people realize the futility of being ANGRY - as you recognize the BLOCKAGE and OPPOSITION is only a karmic sign in order to get you to search for spiritual karmic "answers".

At that maximum point of 100% emotional energy - is when you become EXPLOSIVE and ANGRY. For the emotional energy of ANGER [planet of Mars] is one of the most powerful emotions instilled in humanity.

Getting emotionally upset, annoyed and angry - is a part of life - which leads to acceptance that the situation MUST BE karmic - the stage of ACCEPTANCE and TRUTH is the 1st stage to "Healing the Karma" - and then healing all the negative earthly emotions a person feels.


At that point - of maximum emotions - when you see NOTHING changing - you arrive at the upsetting and frustrating GIVE-UP stage - with a liberating "don't care attitude". At this stage you might pretend to accept of "life's" painful situations - even though you'll still upset and frustrated by the unfair situation. But at the GIVE-UP stage means you now accept it is karmic, destiny and has deeper meaning that logic explains. At this point you're now becoming awakened spiritually.


At this important "GIVE-UP" stage means you realize a TRUTH that magic stones, lucky charms, red bracelets, "holy" water, prayers, all man-made religions, numerous fictitious man-made "gods" of stone, plastic & wood, temples, spells, magic, omens and even "feng shui" - are all useless.

The "GIVE-UP" stage means you're now becoming liberated from all that "nonsense" - instead you're realizing a karmic TRUTH - and you're now being OPENED SPIRITUALLY - to realize something deeper, more profound, more meaningful and more spiritual than you've ever been taught by anyone - as you're sensing "it" - a spiritual TRUTH from WITHIN YOU.


Acceptance means - "the Search" Begins

The "GIVE-UP" stage means you ACCEPT the karmic situation - and now you're liberated to search for the RIGHT answers. The search to find the root cause of the negative bad karma will be the answer to healing the karma - and the fact that you now know what you're looking for - makes the searching easier.

You might still have the problem - but at least you know what's causing it and you're now searching for the right answers to solve the problem. Thereafter, you can cancel out the BAD KARMA - it's energy of past-life karma of DECEIT & LIES - find TRUTH - which will eliminate ANGER and HATRED forever from your soul - and fill your life with peace, love and harmony.


Many times the EXACT karmic event with the EXACT people from your past-lives will re-occur in this life too - you might only need a BRIEF experience in order to RELIVE the experience - putting you in the same position "emotionally" where you left-off in a prior lifetime - now your challenge is - you must get yourself out of, free yourself from and liberate yourself from the BAD KARMA - and LET GO forever. The only way you can do this - is through karmic acceptance of the situation then love, compassion and forgiveness.


Anger, Hate, Jealousy & Love

Everyone who is alive has these emotions - it's the energy of each of these emotions - that is WHY you are ALIVE. It is thanks to ANGER, HATE, JEALOUSY & LOVE that you are driven to do things, that you've got an individuality, identity and existence and living the life you're currently living. It is thanks to EVERYONE who makes you emotional - ANGRY, HATEFUL, JEALOUS & LOVING - that you're ALIVE and WANTING to LIVE.

Ironic isn't it - that the emotions that cause most of the trouble in the world - are the emotions that are most karmic and sustaining your life - and giving your life meaning and purpose. And the people who cause you to be MOST EMOTIONAL - are the ones who you should be THANKING and LOVING because they are HELPING you live and now helping you overcome all the past-life karma. By identifying to you WHO they are - WHAT facet needs healing and WHY you have BAD KARMA in your aura that is triggered by "them" which needs healing - you can "find" the real reasons for "karmic" situations.

Each of the people who have annoyed you - and continue to annoy you - have put themselves out to do so - and are being FORCED to annoy you by "destiny" and by past-life "karma" - in order to awaken you - and heal your karma - therefore you should in fact LOVE them so much - and thank them so much - intense emotional LOVE for all - will come when you become "spiritually wholesome".


Because, the truth is - it's not easy for them to be horrible - as it's not a "natural" way to be horrible - humans are much happier being LOVING and KIND. So for someone to go-against the human instinct and be nasty to you - is a karmic event - of deep and profound meaning. No - I'm not being sarcastic - even though you might begin to realize that karmic events aren't always what they seem to be.

Hence, when someone is being inexplicably KIND to you - you have to wonder WHY - what karma are they paying back to you - what's the karmic connection ? And conversely when someone is being HORRIBLE to you - you can now appreciate that karmically they're HELPING you - by clearing the karmic debt between the two of you. Not everything is at it seems.

When you come to spiritual enlightenment and you sincerely THANK EVERYONE who is horrible to you - when you sincerely LOVE EVERYONE who is horrible to you - then you have attained karmic wholesomeness. You don't have to meet and greet them with a BIG THANK YOU - thinking it is enough to heal your karma and heal your aura.


Life is quite simple because the karmic emotions of ANGER, HATE, JEALOUSY & LOVE will indicate to you - WHAT really annoys, disturbs and bothers you - WHAT upsets you and WHAT "it" is that destiny is telling you - nothing else is relevant - so make a list WHO and WHAT is it that makes you feel these emotions - and then cancel out the negative karma by LOVING them. The easiest way you're going to move on with your life is by LOVING them and letting them go.


No-one is perfect !

Anger, Hate, Jealousy & "Love"

We all have faults - hence everyone on Earth is ANGRY at something, HATES something, is Jealous of someone and ofcourse LOVES something / someone that they can't have. That is the definition of BAD KARMA. Indeed the energy of LOVE is powerful emotion - but when you can't have someone you love - it stirs powerful and painful emotions inside - that too is BAD KARMA.

Therefore everyone can identify with these emotional energies - now - it's time to OPEN and USE these emotional energies to work on your karma - to make yourself spiritually enlightened, wholesome and overcome all the karmic lessons you came to Earth to learn.



"The source of all Bad Karma in the World is Jealousy

The Wanting and Desiring of what other people have

and what is NOT destined for you to have -

- and then doing BAD things to get it"


From any lifetime - past and present - the source of all the BAD karma in the world is jealousy - a burning desire to WANT what belongs to someone else - a fiery DESIRE for something that other people have and is NOT YOURS to have. And thereafter doing BAD things to get it and have it.

Hence the ONLY way to heal, prevent and stop the BAD KARMA is NOT TO WANT NOR DESIRE ANYTHING that's not yours to have - and if you can't have something you WANT - then ACCEPT you can't have it - STOP the DESIRE and STOP the wanting. Try repeating to yourself - "I don't want it" - "I don't want it" - "I don't want it" - for everything you see that you know is NOT yours to have.


Past-life Karma Defines Your Status

"For Good and For Bad" - the circumstances of your younger years and in the early years of your life - have been defined by your past-life karma - and everything that happens to you as a child and young adult is not "by chance" - it is destined and orchestrated by your own soul in order to PUT YOU IN THE KARMIC place where you need to be to continue your past-life and SOLVE the past-life karma.

Your parents, family, siblings, friends, bosses even "partners", husbands / wives / lovers - might have NOTHING to do with your soulgroup - they're merely people being chosen to create the karmic situation that will define emotional energies of frustration, pain, suffering and abuse your soul needs before it begins it's journey into healing karma.

The emphasis of all past-life karma is related to RELATIONSHIPS with people - and the emotional energies are the bonds that define WHO, WHAT and WHY you're connected to inexplicable karmic situations. The reason WHY you're in a situation you're in might not be logical - but is REAL and PAINFUL - in order to FOCUS, DEAL and HEAL the past-life karma with respect to ALL your relationships with different kinds of people.

You might say - it is NOT FAIR that some people - have an easier childhood than others - because they have compassionate and loving parents whilst others less fortunate have abusive, selfish and very evil parents. This important facet of IT IS NOT FAIR is one of the stages of seeing something inexplicable in life and becoming emotionally upset and angry - this is a sign - it must be karmic.

The spiritual secret is the ACCEPT that it MUST be karmic - and all you need to do is ACCEPT - it is due to past-life and karmically you have a lesson to learn - for the benefit of your soul.


The Cyclical "Dark" Karmic Pathway of

Anger, Hate, Jealousy leads to Death

People whom are "Karmic Failures" are people who live the "dark" pathway - who use their inexplicable karmic difficulties to become negative - negatively emotional - and instead of STOPPING and AWAKENING - they use their emotional energies of "Anger, Hate & Jealousy" - to lead them along a DEAD-END pathway to DEATH.

There's NOTHING good - eternal nor spiritual - that can be created by "Anger, Hate & Jealousy" - for these energies are earthly - and will keep a person's soul Earthbound - even after "death" from this physical world - whereby the only journey is to REINCARNATE. The only purpose of "Anger, Hate & Jealousy" is to learn by painful emotions to STOP and DO THE OPPOSITE - become spiritual, loving and compassionate with a spiritually enlightened comprehension for reasons why inexplicable karmic events are allowed to happen. Indeed since Pluto entered Capricorn on 26th January 2008 - we have all begun a karmic journey to become enlightened by accepting and cleansing all the karma of many past-lives.

The catalyst of which is defined by inexplicable EMOTIONAL energies - these negative emotions are the spiritual instruments which should and which MUST begin the karmic journey to CHANGE direction - from a dead-end deathly cycle of "dark" reincarnations - to a life of spiritual enlightenment - negative emotions are NOT the reason NOR are they created to continue along a negative pathway - they are created to AWAKEN you to CHANGE direction.


Did 11th September 2001 Change You ?

Real Events that Create Intense Emotions - Have a Specific Karmic and Unique Purpose in all Our Lives


Your Emotions are Catalysts of Change

Emotional Shocks are always followed by Actions to Change


Watching and remembering the SHOCKING events of 9/11 probably has re-created a lot of emotional energy - in fact those emotions were already created on 11th September 2001 - and watching the youtube documentary brings those emotions back into your memory.

Did you CHANGE in 2001 ? Or will you CHANGE now - after being reminded of 9/11 ? If you didn't change and if you don't change then the EMOTIONAL energies you've received and got WITHIN you are being WASTED and BLOCKED by YOU.

Intense emotional energies are priceless catalysts of change - if you cannot connect with the energies and if you FEEL NOTHING from watching 9/11 - then it might be your soul has no karmic connection to the year 2001. Might I then suggest watch youtube clips of Nazi Concentration camps [it's factual, real and horrific] . Everyone who has been to Auschwitz and Birkenau - have seen the TRUTH and indeed is horrific to see - the MOST IMPORTANT FACET is the awakening of profound karmic emotions from WITHIN you.



Auschwitz Concentration Camp Near Krakow, Poland - an Emotionally Intense Karmic Journey


If you karmically wake-up but choose to go back-to-sleep - then at a future date in your life - your emotions will awaken you and remind you of the reasons for PAIN. Because great things can only be accomplished in your life by when you become emotional - without being driven by your "emotions" you are deceiving yourself. The greatest choices and biggest decisions you will ever make in your life - will be driven and decided by your EMOTIONS.


The Nazis Created Energy of Jealousy

Wanted Something that wasn't theirs and then....

Through the emotional energies of Jealousy and due to the economic hardships in Germany during 1920's and 1930's the Nazis stimulated the Germans to HATE and BE JEALOUS of the Jews who had prosperity - that they orchestrated EVIL to take everything from all Jews in Europe and murder them. Their bad karma was to TAKE everything that wasn't theirs to have - but started by stirring emotions of hate and jealousy through DESIRES and WANTS.

I'm emphasizing this specifically as in our modern internet generation - a specific karmic EVIL being done - "LUSTFUL DESIRES" - are evil emotions of DESIRES and WANTS - to want something one can't have - "they" are being driven by making themselves WANT and DESIRE something that they see on the internet - that is NOT THEIRS to have. The pursuit of desires is destructive - because it destroys boundaries in people's mind and then addicts them to WANT things that aren't theirs to have.


The Source of Bad Karma in the World

The source of BAD KARMA is WANTING and DESIRING - which creates emotions of JEALOUSY. The biblical story between Cain and Abel is the original source of Bad Karma in the world and began a cycle of DEATH through BAD KARMA in the world. Cain out of anger, hatred and jealousy of his brother Abel - murdered him. The world was vast and yet Cain wanted what Abel had - and to get it he killed him. This is the source of all bad karma in the world - WANTING and DESIRING what other people have - and then doing BAD things to get it.

The fact that Moses & Jesus are in fact the reincarnated souls of Abel - who was murdered by his brother Cain - [Genesis Chapter 2] is indeed the reality - that earthly HATEFUL people have a wicked desire to DESTROY anything and anyone GOOD in the world. The karmic battle between LIGHT and DARK manifests in all aspects of LIFE.


This karmic secret of Moses being reincarnation of Abel murdered out of jealousy by his brother was revealed by the spiritual Rabbi Chaim Ibn Atar known as the Ohr HaChaim in 1700's. And identifies that JEALOUSY created between people out of HATRED for each other - is the source of all hatred in the world - as Cain and Abel - were finding ways of serving GOD and showing appreciation to GOD - when Cain realized that his way wasn't RIGHT and Abel's way was RIGHT - so Cain killed Abel.

Likewise Jesus - the reincarnated soul of Abel was killed because incarnation of "Cain" amongst the Jewish Rabbis realized that Jesus way was RIGHT. And the intrinsic conflict with the same reason applies for all hatred and jealousy amongst all man-made religions - anywhere and anyplace - where there are arguments created by jealousy amongst "religious" people - the bad karma is related to the story of "Cain & Abel".

The cycle of BAD KARMA and it's continued existence within DARK souls - falsely leads them to believe that by killing and destroying the LIGHT - that the LIGHT will be extinguished. But no-one can ever extinguish the LIGHT that is WITHIN a person's SOUL - that's Eternal - as you see the LIGHT of Christianity of Jesus Christ is everywhere - even though "he" is still hated by many "dark" souls today. How can anyone HATE Jesus so much with so much negative hateful energy - 2000 years after he lived - means an inexplicable karmic debt of guilt for doing something WRONG.


"Life seems complicated - but in truth - Life is VERY SIMPLE - it's people who make it complicated !"

"Character is How You Treat Those Who Can Do Nothing For You"

An idealistic motto taught to me by one of my good friends - "Tamara Al Gabbani from Dubai" in Summer 2012


"Character is How You React after Darkness tries to Extinguish your Light"

My latest motto taught to me by "life's" experiences in December 2012


The Karmic Battle of Light and Dark

Life on earth is defined as the battle between good and bad, right and wrong, light and dark, hateful and love - between karmic death and spiritual life. After learning from real-life experiences in "2012" - I finally began to comprehend this karmic mystery of life. That was that - darkness has a limitation - bad karma has a limitation - hatred, evil and jealousy has a limitation - because all these aspects are man-made. They might all attempt to destroy you - and extinguish your "life" - but they can never succeed - because your soul is a "LIGHT" that is spiritual - and will always prevail - even after physical death.

The purpose of the karmic battle of bad experiences - and of badness is to RISE UP and allow yourself to be spiritually AWAKENED through the powerful EMOTIONS that have been instilled WITHIN you - in order to fulfil the meaningful purpose why you've reincarnated - and to cleanse your soul and eradicate ALL the bad karma from your soul.


Anger, Hate, Jealousy & Love

The fact that you have emotions and feelings of Anger, Hate, Jealousy and DESIRES of LOVE for someone /something that's not yours to have means you have "karmic" work to do on yourself. Now you can recognize the reason for BAD KARMA in your life - it's your job to STOP these energies, heal yourself - and break the "dark" death-generating cycle of BAD KARMA - by doing opposites and following the enlightened pathway.

From now onwards - use the negative emotions to your advantage - as they contain powerful energy for you. Consider a negative emotion as a GIFT of awakening for your soul. Indeed this is the Spiritual Prayer of St Francis of Assisi - converting negative into positive, cleansing the BAD KARMA - whilst creating GOOD KARMA.


Lord, make me an instrument of your peace

Where there is hatred, let me bring love; Where there is injury, let me bring forgiveness;
Where there is discord, let me bring harmony; Where there is falsehood, let me bring truth;
Where there is doubt, let me bring faith; Where there is despair, let me bring hope;
Where there is darkness, let me bring light; Where there is sadness, let me bring joy.

LORD, grant that I may not seek so much - To be consoled as to console;
To be understood as to understand; To be loved as to love.
Because it is in giving that we receive, It is in forgetting ourselves that we find others,
It is in forgiving that we are forgiven, And it is in dying that we are born to eternal life.

Then miracle shall follow miracle and wonders never cease


There's Only One Pathway

The Spiritually Enlightened Karmic Pathway of Acceptance - through Compassion, Kindness, Peace & Love - is an infinite and enlightened pathway is TOTAL CONTRAST to the pathway of bad karma which is a dead-end pathway of misery, pain, anguish and worry - as bad karma keeps a person "earthbound" - whilst good karma elevates your aura beyond this earthly existence.


Nothing Great Can be Done Without "Emotions"

It is a fact of life - just like the Moon exists and is a vital necessary part of the existence to all life on Earth - Nothing great can ever be accomplished nor done - unless your "emotions" are involved, connected and in-tune with your karmic destiny and the collective destiny of the world.

That's why - when I define the truth - that your very "best" friend is the Moon - because astrologically it is - as "the Moon" creates and triggers your emotions - each and every day as [explained on Moon Astrology] - as it aspects other planets and creates emotional energies - which are available for you to receive.

Everytime you FEEL an emotional energy - you should know it is a karmic GIFT of ENERGY. What you choose to do with that energy is your freewill choice - you can either get negatively upset OR convert the energy into making a POSITIVE change with your spirituality.


This physical world is full of paradoxical OPPOSITES - so when you think of the fact that your physical body converts elegant and tasty FOOD into filthy sewage - then understand the OPPOSITE - that your spiritual soul has the purpose to take the "negative" karmic emotions of hate, anger, jealousy and desires - and convert them into POSITIVE enlightened energies. When you START to do this - you will begin to understand "life".

So BEGIN the karmic journey of cleansing all the BAD KARMA from your aura - by becoming AWARE of everything and everyone that makes you feel HATE, ANGER, JEALOUS and makes you WANT and DESIRE things that aren't yours to have. Everytime you get "emotional" - STOP and THINK - WHAT's the karmic message - and instead of getting negative - transform the emotional energies to become positive - and the easiest way you can do this is through LAUGHTER.

Smile, laugh and giggle to yourself - everytime you receive a negative emotion - recognize that every emotion you receive is actually a KARMIC GIFT - being given to your aura - that's when you'll stop the downward cycle of bad karma to depression and misery - and begin the upward cycle of good karma to enlightenment to happiness.


How to Handle the Bad Karma

Survive the Storm by Laughing & Giggling !

If you've ever been caught in a torrential downpour - at the beginning you try to keep dry and try to fight getting wet - by using an umbrella - but there comes a point - if you've been caught in heavy rain - that you just GIVE UP and stop fighting the futile attempt to keep dry. At that moment when you GIVE UP - usually you just BURST OUT LAUGHING.

The reason for LAUGHTER at very intense stressful moments of life - is you're GIVING UP on the PAST - and you're GIVING UP on holding onto energies that define YOUR EGO - you're actually liberating yourself from negativity, from worries and from fears that belong in the PAST - and therefore in karmically releasing the PAST - GIVING UP means you're no longer holding onto any negativity that belongs to the PAST - which means you're cleansed and FREE to live in the FUTURE.

Ironic isn't it - whilst you try to fight the elements - you're stressed and intense - and when you "give-up" - "accept" - "AGREE" - you might GET SOAKED, DRENCHED and WET down-to-the-bone - but you feel cleansed - as you burst out giggling and laughing when you arrived "home" indoors and out of the rain. The acceptance and give-up moment is the "turning point" and is exactly what's destined to happen in everyone's life between 2008 => 2024 whilst Pluto transits karmic Capricorn.

The karmic reason for LAUGHTER at the critical destined "turning" point of your life - is that your soul feels that FINALLY - the karmic message has finally got through to you. Everyone will have a "Turning point" and that will come when - you ACCEPT LIFE and GIVE UP holding onto something - in fact at the "turning point" - after momentarily getting angry, frustrated and doing temper-tantrum - all you will do is LAUGH and GIGGLE - even if you're an uptight type - destined events will be orchestrated for you to LET GO of the PAST - cleanse yourself from all the negativity, fears and worries that belong in the PAST - so that you can embrace the FUTURE. Thereafter there comes a spiritual period in your life - full of serenity and calmness after the storm - as you've been cleansed of all the negativity - you can now embrace everything that is truly destined to be yours - and build a new future for yourself.


When you feel you're not "in control" ....

.... then you're actually on the destined karmic pathway to success

Everyone has freewill choice - or so it would seem - but I assume that many intelligent readers are asking themselves - if astrology maps everything out in our lives - and everything is FIXED - so what on Earth do "we" actually do.

The truth is IF we were in SYNC with our destiny every moment of the day - then we would be following a destined fixed pathway - but there are lessons we need to learn - both maturing, karmic and evolving to an age of collective enlightenment - and hence we're given predictable choices to make - and then there are moments when we choose to stray from our destined pathway - that too is destined - in order to learn and grow.

However, the greatest moment of spiritual growth is when you honestly and truly feel you're not "in control" and you've given up on your persona, your EGO, your desires and wishes - then you're actually more in tune with DESTINY than when you attempt to take "control" of your life. The reason for the greatness is you are HUMBLE, OPEN and able to LISTEN to karma.

I know that it's often the poorest people who are the ones who are OPEN spiritually - to listen and grow - whereas materialistically-minded earthly people - are ignorant - as they refuse to be interested in and BLOCK anything "spiritual" to come into their thoughts and lives. Destiny has a plan for them too - but that's no longer your problem as becoming spiritually enlightened means you STOP comparing your life with other people's lives. Hence you stop being jealous and stop wanting things that other people have.


Your 5 Best Karmic Friends

Every Karmic Situation and Karmic Emotion has a Spiritual Karmic Solution


Whatever the inexplicable karmic situation you are in - with all the emotions it's creating in your mind and aura - is a destined karmic problem - and therefore "normal" solutions won't work - it is in need of a spiritual karmic solution.

Therefore you'll need the help of your karmic friends - the "Moon", the guarantee "Destiny" made to you before you were born, your "Guardian Angels", all people from your "Soulgroup" and all your "Soulmates".

You might "think" you are ALONE and have NO-ONE to help you - but that's not true - YOU ARE NEVER ALONE - as you have 4 karmic facets which means - you have SUPPORT - you have HELP - you have STRENGTH - and you will have the ability to solve your karmic problem - all you need to do is SEARCH and ASK the Universe FOR HELP - and it will be given.



סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם