The Spiritual Writings of ספר סודי סודות

סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם

The Book of Reincarnations - Sefer Gilgulim ספר גילגולים

written, intuited and explained by author of ספר סודי סודות

Bad Luck & Bad Karma

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Unfortunately, no-one awakens when things are going good - therefore the only way that destiny has available to it to be able to AWAKEN you is by creating BAD things & BAD luck - through inexplicable events that force a person to awaken and question life.

The reason DESTINY can create BAD LUCK is because inherent in everyone's soul there's BAD LUCK just waiting to happen. Because the truth is we're all reincarnated souls - therefore the BAD KARMA that we created in past-lives - defines we're destined to have BAD LUCK in this life - until we become awakened and heal our souls from the BAD KARMA.

This doesn't mean the "end" to BAD LUCK and a whole "NEW" LIFE - but it means that you start to see the reasons for everything happening in life - and even what seems to be and looks like BAD LUCK - you'll comprehend and understand with spiritual clarity - to be GOOD LUCK.

There is NO such thing as coincidence or accident - so when BAD things happen to you - when you feel inexplicable emotional pain - it means you're being karmically AWAKENED in order to HEAL the BAD KARMA of past-lives. As soon as you acknowledge to yourself that you're AWAKENED and ready to work on your KARMA - the source of inexplicable pain will go away - as you become enlightened to the karmic reasons why BAD things have happened to you - and how to stop the BAD cycle of BAD karma.

That's the destined moment when you begin the journey to understand the meaning of BAD KARMA and stop creating BAD KARMA - hence ensuring that you're not using your life-energy to create negative energy to support or manifest any more BAD LUCK.


Nothing BAD is Ever "Created" by Divine GOD

The intrinsic knowledge that everything GOOD in the Universe has been created by the Divine GOD - for the DIVINE Creator never makes anything BAD happen is the fundamental karmic law of nature.

All badness that exists was "created" by "man" in this lifetime and in past-lives and continues to be sustained in this lifetime UNTIL it's source and essence is uprooted and completely negated. Bad karma is like a weed that grows - it will grow to cover a vast area - until it becomes an overwhelming nuisance - which leaves no choice but to "deal" with it - to uproot and destroy it's essence - and then ensure it never grows back. When it comes to dealing with BAD KARMA - people are intrinsically LAZY - and over many lifetimes - the weeds grow - and no-one bothers to uproot them.

However, during the "Last Generation" at the end of time - our karma is to see EVERYTHING with clarity - and to be honest with ourselves - that WE have created the BAD KARMA - and we are the source to our own problems.

In this unique time - through truthful revelations and real events - we will see that our abusive use of the planet - is creating global warming - and unclear air. Extracting Oil from the ground is the root cause for Tsunami's and Earthquakes - whilst the dumping of Nuclear waste and toxic waste in the Oceans is starting to create poisonous fish. Humanity is overstepping boundaries that DESTINY has defined. We will see what we're doing and realize what idiots we are - that we're destroying the beautiful planet that GOD has created.

Humanity is behaving towards the physical planet in the same way many generations have done in the past - except - the weeds of destructiveness has been fed by a selfish greed, corruption and a scant disregard for the "future" generations. Collectively, humanity is heading along a destined pathway to a KARMIC TURNING POINT - when we will all see clearly that WE are the cause to everything BAD that happens on this planet - and WE can't blame the DIVINE GOD.

Ironically, it is the emphasis on materialism that's creating the BAD KARMA and especially the materialistic atheists - who don't believe in GOD - are the ones PUSHING DESTINY and all of humanity to arrive at that KARMIC TURNING POINT - at this point is when humanity becomes AWAKENED - both individually and collectively - with an URGENT need to CHANGE. The "weed" has become overwhelming and needs to be uprooted immediately.


As an individual, you might have arrived at your KARMIC TURNING POINT - because since November 2008 and until January 2024 - Pluto in Capricorn - has defined that karmic boundaries and limits will be reached. Individually, you will become AWAKENED to realize that your belief system that makes you attempt to carry-on with life as "normal" - is WRONG - and CHANGE is needed in your life.

At that KARMIC TURNING POINT you see the DEAD-END and decide a radical change must now happen in your life - the reason you see it clearly - is because of the INNER PAIN you're experiencing in attempting to continue that dead-end pathway which is making your overgrown weed obliterate everything good in your life.


The Divine GOD - created you - and everything GOOD in the world with brilliance, purity and perfection. If you don't believe me just look at the Sun, or the sky at night with the Moon and stars or look at fruit trees, plants and flowers as they grow - beautiful - look at the elegance in the animals - and don't forget to look at yourself too - you're a walking MIRACLE - you just don't realize it!




You're a Miracle .... Aren't You !?!

If you don't feel you're a MIRACLE - then there is SOMETHING VERY WRONG WITH YOU - it is an EMERGENCY and the destined time for you to clear that gigantic karmic WEED out of your head, out of your soul, out of your aura - and out of your life FOREVER. That's why you're reading this website to deal with the bad luck and bad karma.

Unfortunately when people have got so much negativity in their aura and negative thoughts - they don't realize THEY ARE A MIRACLE and just like the garden with flowers and cats - everyone is MIRACLE of DIVINE proportions. I use the word UNFORTUNATELY - because many people won't awaken from negative and won't realize they are a MIRACLE until they have a major problem - like a heart-attack - or major life-threatening problem - then they awaken to realize that the gift of life is a MIRACLE. I hope that by reading this karmic WARNING that you awaken and realize you're a MIRACLE - and it's time to say THANK YOU for the MIRACLE of LIFE.


Inside YOU is an amazing and complex spiritual soul that was created many lifetimes ago - it was created with brilliance, purity and perfection but over many karmic lifetimes - you've allowed yourself to collect "garbage", "weeds" and "bad karma" in your aura - that makes you feel depressed, dark and bad.

The TRUTH is in this last generation - all those negative qualities are being intensified and pushing everyone to a LIMIT - to the LIMIT that will create a KARMIC TURNING POINT - when everyone will realize the karmic truth that you must get-rid and uproot all the compounded negativity from all past lifetimes in order to feel the energy of spiritual enlightenment - and to shine with the radiance of the DIVINE SPIRIT that resides deep inside you. Now you're aware of what's going on and why - it's now time for your KARMIC TURNING POINT - and begin the long overdue clearance of the BAD karma out of your soul forever.


The Source of Your Bad Luck & Bad Karma

Are the Karmic Results of Many Past Lives

Before, you read any further I want to explain that NO-ONE is to BLAME for BAD LUCK and BAD KARMA - it's the destined human experience of living life on Earth - and it's clear that humanity has been destined to live all the past-lifetimes in order to arrive at this spiritually enlightenment time in the history of the world - a time that starts when that KARMIC TURNING POINT and you see that EVERY bit of BAD LUCK, NEGATIVITY, BAD KARMA has been dumped on your soul in order for you to make a cleansing of all the "garbage". Don't get upset with yourself - or with your past lifetimes - ACCEPT that is your destiny - and now clear the karmic mess up!


It doesn't matter "WHAT" or "WHO" you were in past lifetimes - what matters is RIGHT NOW - your current clarity of what's RIGHT and what's WRONG - a defining energy that comes from WITHIN yourself. Everyone has an inner belief system - created by life-experiences in this lifetime - but also embedded in your soul are all your beliefs and karma from all your past lifetimes.

The purpose of BAD LUCK and BAD KARMA is to awaken you to the truthful reality - make you humble and feel compassionate, kind, accepting and loving towards everything and everyone on Earth.

Indeed, the paradox of opposites means by having BAD LUCK and BAD KARMA makes you see a KARMIC TRUTH - and makes you make that KARMIC TURNING POINT to begin a spiritually enlightened pathway instead of being ANGRY and ANNOYED with life.

As you're reading this I can hear you question - possibly with emotional anger - that you don't deserve BAD LUCK and BAD KARMA - but I say - the fact that you're ANGRY is indicative that you haven't understood the meaning of karma that your souls' created through all your past lifetimes - and that you're still trapped in the DENIAL phase. ACCEPT that BAD LUCK only comes to people with BAD KARMA.


I'm not judging anyone - I'm making a spiritual statement as the karmic TRUTH is NONE of us deserves anything GOOD - we are all deep in debt - with BIG debts of BAD karma created over many lifetimes - that's why we've reincarnated - and that's why we're alive during this last generation - in order to clear all the BAD KARMA - clear all the karmic debts from all lifetimes - and to cleanse the world to be pure as the day our DIVINE CREATOR made us - many lifetimes ago.

Each of us should be humbled and feel so small that we've messed up our past-lives - but equally be appreciative and grateful for the gift of life and this "last chance" to cleanse our karma to become spiritually wholesome.

If, however, you honestly believe you are 100% perfect - then you will soon DROP DEAD and DIE and then "it" will be revealed to you the karmic TRUTH - because it has been defined that the last generation of reincarnated souls is ONLY a generation of sinners - each of us has reincarnated because we have BAD KARMA that needs eliminating and healing - none of us alive today are perfect.


Karmic Awakening

Karmic awakening happens when inexplicable events create pain that leads you to think and become EMOTIONAL - especially if it makes you ANGRY. The emotional pain - is karmic because it's hidden, inexplicable, seemingly unfair and frustrating - but it's the NEGATIVE emotions of frustration and anger - that identifies "it" must be karmic - because it doesn't seem fair - as something inexplicable is creating a BLOCKAGE.

It's quite possible - you've had an awakening years ago - then gone back to "sleep" - in which case - destiny has to continue to give you karmic awakenings - because people NEVER become spiritually awakened after GOOD experiences therefore DESTINY is forced to use BAD LUCK and inexplicable BAD experiences to awaken the person. People - can sometimes smoke their way, drink their way or drug their way back to "sleep" - but sooner or later - everyone is and will be spiritually awakened. That's the destiny of the last generation.


Even in India in 2013 - where after generations of killing baby girls - the disproportionate karma between boys and girls has finally awakened the spiritually enlightened to REGRET the karmic MISTAKES made in past generations. Unfortunately, some are still spiritually blind and refuse to admit the KARMIC mistakes made in past generations towards females - so "they" become abusive and angry. "They" refuse to accept that need to become humble and ACCEPT karmic events - for everything that is INEXPLICABLE is karmic and everything that creates deep EMOTIONS is karmic.

I've always found that POOR people are more spiritually minded and accepting than RICH people. Indeed in cultures such as in India - where over 60% admit to paying bribes - it's become clear that RICH people believe they can bribe their way to avoid BAD KARMA. However, DIVINE karma can't be bribed - that's because the BAD KARMA resides WITHIN YOU and WITHIN YOUR SOUL - hence sooner or later - everyone will have a Karmic awakening - awakened by you yourself - in order to do what needs to be done - to become humbled in order to "deal" with the BAD KARMA that's WITHIN you.


This is the reason why the awakening happens emotionally WITHIN you - because - the BAD KARMA resides WITHIN you. For the rest of the people in the world have their own BAD KARMA that resides in them - but in the OPEN world - in the gardens, fields and open spaces - where no-one lives - there's no BAD KARMA in nature because no-one lives there. Hence, if you GO to an open space and still feel the BAD KARMA - it's because YOU have the problem - INSIDE YOU. Now you're awakened - and realize there's karmic work to do - at this stage - you should be feeling EXCITED INSIDE - because your spiritual soul feels that it's got-through-to-you and you're listening spiritually. Now is your destined time to heal all the BAD KARMA.


Don't Talk about Bad Karma ...

Although, you can accept BAD KARMA as a fact - practically speaking it is WRONG to judge others - and WRONG to judge yourself. That's the reason WHY you aren't given the secrets of your past-life - because if you knew what you had done in a past-life and if others knew what you had done in a past-life then you'd be SHOCKED and ASHAMED. Therefore NO-ONE knows - and it is kept SECRET. It is not allowed to be revealed nor spoken of - that's why it's kept SECRET.

For example, I have no doubt that every German Nazi who created bad karma through fear, torture and murder in WWII has reincarnated in order to learn their karmic lesson - some Nazis might even have reincarnated into Jewish people - to learn the LOVE of the JEWISH religion - and to learn to be compassionate, kind and loving instead of being hateful. However it is a spiritual secret who everyone is - as people would judge "others" if we knew who everyone was in their past-lives.

In the same way that PAST LIFE information is KEPT SECRET and HIDDEN - likewise there is no need to TALK about it to anyone. All that is relevant is that you know that WITHIN you - if you have inexplicable situations in your life - then it is created by the bad karma from past lives which needs you to "work" on your soul and heal.

Trying to understand your past lives and inexplicable karmic situations in this life is - like coming in the middle of the movie and after 5 mins of watching the movie saying it's a load of garbage - you can't make an assessment of life - by looking at a relatively short period of one lifetime. The best you can hope for - is to accept what you're seeing in life and NOT be negatively influenced by the pain you're experiencing - so you don't create any more BAD KARMA during this short space of time on Earth - but turn-around the situation from BAD KARMA to GOOD KARMA - by accepting, learning from, being grateful for the gift of life, being compassionate, kind and loving to humanity - so that your GOOD KARMA cancels out all the past-life BAD KARMA.


Strong Desires & Wishes from "Past-Lifetimes"

Create Compounded Problems in This Lifetime

The purpose of having your past-life desires and wishes coming true in this lifetime is to learn the lesson of ACCEPTANCE


Even though you have no idea of nor clarity from your "past-life" - there will be inexplicable aspects of what you believe, what you feel and how you live your life - which are energies carried over from PAST LIVES. There are habits, attitudes of mind and energies that are STUCK and embedded into your soul - if those energies are self-destructively BAD - then it will take courage and strength to BREAK the BAD KARMIC CYCLE.

You will "know" what these aspects are because they're your facets which affect, annoy, disturb and frustrate you the most - as explained BAD KARMA affects the individual - [it doesn't necessarily affect other people] - hence whatever these facets are - they are self-destructively BAD and you're the one that inexplicably FEELS it - indicating it's karmic.

Due to the fact that boundaries and limitations that existed in prior lifetimes have been eliminated in this "last generation" - with the ONLY purpose - to enable you to experience every BAD KARMIC aspect of your soul - it means that you will be sensitive - whatever you "fear" the most - whatever disturbs you the most - whatever worries you the most - is the BAD KARMA that needs healing and eliminating.


Additionally, if you have STRONG desires and STRONG wishes you asked for in prior lifetimes - those energies will be embedded in your soul - the most important one is LONLINESS. If you imagine in past-lifetimes you married and were forced by society to stay married until death. I'd guess you CRIED and PRAYED everyday of your miserable past-life - that you would be FREE and SINGLE - and you probably even said "I'd rather have NO-ONE".

This "wish" of wanting NO-ONE carried itself over to this lifetime - and even if you had the BAD relationship - left them - and now you have your OWN KARMA of being ALONE. That's because you PRAYED for NO-ONE. You've managed to free yourself of part of the BAD karma - but you have to UNDO the desires and wishes you embedded in your own mind and soul. Therefore as a mantra you now need to CANCEL out your own past-life prayers of wanting to be ALONE - by admitting that you want to be WITH the some-one. You need to emit to the Universe that you love men [you love women] - and that NOT all men are BAD [NOT all women are BAD] - and that you want to EMBRACE life - and EMBRACE relationships - instead of being ALONE.

The karmic problem for this "last generation" - is that the desire to be ALONE has been embedded over many past life-times that you have to WORK HARD on CANCELING OUT that negative BAD KARMA in your aura to be OPEN for relationships and to be OPEN to people.

Alternatively, you can EMBRACE you fears and EMBRACE the concepts of what you've been praying for in past lifetimes - for in this lifetime - you've been granted your wishes. In fact, what you believe to be BAD LUCK and BAD KARMA is actually GOOD LUCK.


Whatever you "fear" the most always happens

So embrace and accept your fears

The "thing" you hate and fear the most is unique to you - so instead of running away from "it" - embrace it's karma


BAD karma is fixed energy WITHIN your soul - so wherever you go - "it" follows you - hence even if you RUN AWAY from your karmic problems - the BAD karma will follow you - because it is WITHIN you - it is part of you. Hence, the saying - you can't RUN AWAY from your problems.

I should add that if indeed you've RUN AWAY and you're living in the WRONG place for your soul - then you will COMPOUND your karmic problems - and when you return "home" to the place where you karmically belong - those compounded negative energies will vanish and you will be healed. Thereafter, you will find it easier to heal the BAD KARMA.

Acceptance and being grateful for everyone and everything you have in your life is one of the 3 keys of reincarnation which will UNLOCK the karmic situation that you find yourself trapped in. For BAD KARMA creates an immovable BLOCKAGE that refuses to UNLOCK until you deal with the BAD KARMA.


Good Luck Becomes Bad Luck

& Bad Luck Becomes Good Luck

Karmic Truth is when - the BAD KARMA and BAD LUCK becomes GOOD KARMA and GOOD LUCK

Life plays games with each of us - and when Karma is complete you'll see the Karmic Truth


In fact, what you believe to be BAD LUCK and BAD KARMA is actually GOOD LUCK. Anything inexplicable in your life that creates emotional energies - both positive and negative - are karmic - so all you need to do is look at the inexplicable situation you're in - and understand that in your past-lifetime you WANTED this - that's why it's been given to you in this lifetime. Even if "you" didn't want it - your spiritual soul wants it for YOU - in order to get you to WAKE UP and HEAL YOUR SOUL.

Ironically - it hurts you - proving that what you thought to be BAD LUCK in a past lifetime was in fact a BIG BLESSING for you. Turning the karmic situation from BAD to GOOD in this lifetime and for eternity means admitting that everything you experience and have ever experienced is and was GOOD for you. In fact, it's so true that everything BAD - is actually GOOD. And unfortunately in this confusing world of opposites - I'd have to say that many GOOD things people have and do - are actually spiritually VERY BAD for them.


The inexplicable karmic situations presented in this "last generation" means you need to use your intelligence and wisdom to comprehend WHAT reasons would have made you WANT the life you've orchestrated for yourself.

Then CONFESS and ADMIT ..... "YES - this might I have been what I wanted - but now I see that I was WRONG to want this - I should have accepted with happiness and gratitude everything that I've been given in my life - without desiring or wanting anything".


But the biggest facet is - the IRONY of Karma - that through the intense transference of emotional energies - you become the person you inflicted the BAD KARMA on in a prior lifetime - and they become you. The PERSON you had intense emotions towards in prior lifetime with all their faults, errors and things they did to make you ANGRY in the prior lifetime - you now have all these facets in this lifetime - in order to TEACH YOU A KARMIC lesson.

Will you become compassionate, kind and everything you wanted THEM to become in the past-life? For when you're placed by destiny in the reverse situation and placed in their shoes - you'll being tested to see how you behave. If you behave the way they did - you have failed the karma and are just continuing the same hateful, destructive bad-karma cycle.

If become compassionate and forgive all the people who upset you in this lifetime then you will break the karmic cycle. The moment you FORGIVE them - is the moment you actually FORGIVE YOURSELF - and when you cancel-out all the BAD KARMA that's the moment you set yourself FREE from the KARMIC CYCLE - and become WHOLESOME. This is your KARMIC TURNING POINT. Hence, you don't need ANYONE involved in your karmic healing process - because it is individualistic, personal and unique to your soul.


You won't need anyone to tell you when you have had the KARMIC TURNING POINT because INSIDE yourself - you will feel calmness, peace, love and compassion for all - your aura will be healed and wholesome - so wherever you go and whatever you do - you'll find the world a good place full of good people. You'll become enlightened to even understand the idiots and less intelligent people of the world - and instead of being annoyed by other people - you'll actually see them and understand WHY they're behaving the way they do.

This does NOT mean you will interact with them - as they have their karma to live and it's not for you to interfere with their karma - but the fact that by healing your own soul will ensure you're no longer disturbed nor annoyed by anyone and that you UNDERSTAND and ACCEPT everyone for who they are and you ACCEPT everything that happens on Earth.


Bad Karma Creates a Fear of Death

The worst emotion for most people is - FEAR of DEATH - human instinct means most of us are frightened of dying. It's quite ironic that it's NOT the DEATH that creates emotions but the FEAR of DEATH - an inexplicable feeling that makes people WAKE UP and do something meaningful with their lives.

The motivating energy created by the - FEAR of DEATH - is in order to make people deal with their DESTINY, with the BAD KARMA and create the GOOD KARMA that their soul is destined to accomplish. Once the KARMA and the KARMIC mission is completed - then the intense emotions created by the FEAR of DEATH vanish - in fact one becomes CALM and ACCEPTING.

The FEAR of DEATH is when a person's soul realizes it's FAILED "again" - and if you're lucky to feel the FEAR of DEATH then it means your soul is awakening you to HEAL and accomplish your KARMIC DESTINY.


American Military Cemetery at Omaha Beach Colleville-Sur-Mer in Normandy France

Intense Emotions Created by Death

The worst thing people can see in their lives is DEATH - especially the PAIN and SUFFERING leading to DEATH. This creates the most intense emotions - and probably the main reason people don't like going to cemeteries. Because they don't want to think of DEATH. And yet one of the greatest places I've ever visited was the American Military Cemetery at Omaha Beach Colleville-Sur-Mer in Normandy France as the sense of peace and tranquility - was inexplicable.

Each of the 9,387 soldiers lived their lives in 1944 to SACRIFICE themselves for the liberation and freedom of Europe. That was their karma in 1944 - today in this lifetime their karma will reward them. I'm sure than many of them have reincarnated again to live a rewarding, happy and prosperous life. Indeed, when you see someone who is wealthy and lucky - don't be jealous - but imagine that it was their good karma from a past-life-time that earned them that status and success in this lifetime. The reason I mention this is to bring enlightenment that everything in the world has meaning and purpose - even Sacrifice of one's Life for a Karmic Higher Purpose.


There's a lot of BAD things happening

Inexplicable Events Happen - Hurt - create Pain and then "some" People forget them - WHY?


I'll give you an example - this year in 2013 - there have been terrible inexplicable events - but forgotten about - like the buildings that collapsed and killed 1129 people in clothing factories in Savar - Bangladesh. The families are still traumatized - 1000's plus the 2,500 injured - plus 1000's still working in unsafe conditions but the rest of the world seems to have forgotten.

It made NEWS headlines for a few days - and then NOTHING is mentioned. And yet almost everyone has a T-Shirt or wearing clothes Made in Bangladesh - do you think of the energy that has gone into making any of your clothes? the energy that has gone into making anything you have in your home? Do you think "everything" is made by a machine? Same with websites - everyone expects information and updates on websites - but until they realize the effort [and huge cost] that goes into creating a website - they are IGNORANT. Indeed the definition of IGNORANCE is IGNORING A TRUTH.

Karmically when humanity shows interest when "News" is sensational and then FORGETS to become IGNORANT again - destiny needs to create another inexplicable karmic event to happen to awaken people to realize that EVERYONE and EVERYTHING is important. If it's part of your life - then it's karmically important to you. Indeed, if it isn't important - you wouldn't have been attracted and fascinated by "it" in the first place. The fact that it AWAKENED you and TOUCHED your emotions - means "it" has a lesson for your spiritual soul.


The speed at which SHOCKING events are happening in the world - I can see has a karmic purpose and that is DESTINY has a timetable for humanity to fulfill - each of these events are having the karmic purpose to AWAKEN humanity. Only when humanity has awakened and is dealing with the BAD KARMA of past lifetimes then these inexplicable destined events will STOP because there won't be any man-made BAD KARMA that defines the need for BAD LUCK and BAD EVENTS.

You know the TRUTH - because each event DOES NOT MAKE SENSE and is INEXPLICABLE - you know it's KARMICALLY waking you up to HEAL the BAD KARMA. If everyone in the world would heal their own BAD KARMA instead of interfering with other people's lives - then the World would be perfect!


Hatred, Anger & Jealousy Creates Bad Karma

The biblical story between Cain and Abel is the original source of Bad Karma in the world - Cain and Abel were the sons of Adam & Eve. Cain out of anger, hatred and jealousy of his brother Abel - murdered him. The world was vast and yet Cain wanted what Abel had - and to get it he killed him. This is the source of all bad karma in the world - WANTING and DESIRING what other people have - and then doing BAD things to get it.

The source of BAD KARMA is wanting and desiring something that is NOT yours to have - and then doing anything to get it. Lying, stealing, creating arguments and leading to murder. BAD KARMA is created when anyone ELIMINATES - DESTROYS - even MURDERS anyone who is preventing them have something they want. That "something" is always PHYSICAL and EARTHLY.

The cycle of BAD KARMA and it's continued existence within DARK souls - falsely leads them to believe that by killing and destroying the LIGHT - that the LIGHT will be extinguished. But no-one can ever extinguish the LIGHT that is WITHIN a person's SOUL - that's Eternal - as you see the LIGHT of Christianity of Jesus Christ is everywhere in the world.

Unfortunately, during the past few years - statistics from NY USA - and other countries have revealed there are more abortions in the world then there have been humans born. This makes me hear ALARM BELLS - this means BAD KARMA through murdering unborn babies is amounting in the world. Hence, without no doubt - the BAD KARMA will soon reach a LIMIT and need to cleansed. The source of this problem is WANTING and DESIRING what other people have - and then doing BAD things to get it.


So to change the cycle of BAD KARMA - CUT the source off that's creating the BAD KARMA by STOP WANTING and STOP DESIRING what other people have. Accept whatever life gives you. And if life gives you NOTHING - then that too is your inexplicable BAD karma - which can be healed when you ACCEPT and ACCEPT the pain, anguish and suffering is because of BAD KARMA that you created in this lifetime and in past lifetimes.

I assure you that when you CONFESS your error's and repeat to yourself over and over again "I don't want ... I don't want .... I don't want ... I don't want .... " - you will STOP wanting and desiring things that are not yours to have and automatically you'll become HAPPY with everything you do have - see the MIRACLE that you're ALIVE - and that's when you will unlock the cycle of BAD karma and begin to have a good life with good luck and create lots of good karma.


The Tree of Wisdom עץ הדעת Garden of Eden

Wanting and Desiring anything before the Right Destined time creates Bad Luck & Bad Karma


The narrative of the Book of Genesis explains that GOD created - "The Tree of Wisdom עץ הדעת in Garden of Eden" - the sin of Adam & Eve was NOT taking from it's fruit - but the sin was TAKING from it BEFORE the right and destined time.

When you spiritually mature - you realize that DESTINY will give you everything you need at the time you need it. Taking and attempting to get something BEFORE you need it - only creates BAD KARMA and BAD LUCK.

Unfortunately, humanity is afflicted with impatience - especially in this last generation in this age of the internet - where we get to see everything immediately - and without delay. This makes humanity - collectively become expectant to WANT and DEMAND things IMMEDIATELY - even BEFORE they truly deserve them.

Hence, the huge trade-debts / deficits and huge karmic debts - that has been created over many years is now amassing in order to reach a KARMIC LIMIT. Humanity has become and is becoming more and more IMPATIENT - wanting and needing everything immediately. No-one wants to WAIT - hence the limit of BAD KARMA is being created.


Sooner or later a specific KARMIC LIMIT will be reached and a KARMIC TURNING POINT will be made - when people will learn that doing things at the right time is more enjoyable than doing things quickly. That's the karmic moment when you as an individual start to enjoy the "Tree of Wisdom עץ הדעת in Garden of Eden" even whilst still alive on Earth. Eventually EVERYONE will have their own destined KARMIC TURNING POINT and everyone will become WISE and spiritually enlightened.

The 1st step is knowing you're at the KARMIC TURNING POINT the moment when you ACCEPT everything that happens in your life and TRUST that everything will happen at the right and destined time - which means you STOP wanting and STOP being PUSHY for things to happen. For TRUSTING in DESTINY means you never ever have to PUSH, WANT nor DESIRE anything - because everything you need will be given to you.


The Karma of the Last Generation is

Generated by Emotions of "Anger/Hate/Love"

Unfortunately, no-one awakens when things are going good - therefore the only way that destiny has available to it to be able to AWAKEN people is by creating BAD things & BAD luck - through inexplicable events that force a person to awaken and question life. When a person doesn't find the answers - instinctively one becomes EMOTIONAL and ANGRY - and pursues all possibilities and pathways to find the answers - all of these emotional energies are important stages of Karmic awakening.

The purpose of all BAD LUCK is to make you EMOTIONAL and ANGRY. Once your emotions are OPENED it means you SOUL is OPEN - and now you're ready to HEAL the KARMA. This is the reason why the Moon is your karmic BEST FRIEND - as the Moon - especially the New Moon and Full Moon have the power to OPEN your emotions by making you VERY EMOTIONAL in order to FORCE you to DEAL with the BAD KARMA.

There is NO such thing as coincidence or accident - so when BAD things happen to you - when you feel inexplicable emotional pain - it means you're being karmically AWAKENED in order to HEAL the BAD KARMA of past-lives. As soon as you acknowledge to yourself that you're AWAKENED and ready to work on your KARMA - the source of inexplicable pain will go away.



Your 4 Best Karmic Friends

Every Karmic Problem has a Spiritual Karmic Solution


Any inexplicable karmic situations you are in - is a karmic problem - and therefore "normal" solutions won't work - it is in need of a spiritual karmic solution. Therefore you'll need the help of your karmic friends - the 4 best friends you have are the Moon, the guarantee destiny made to you before you were born, your guardian angels and anyone from your Soulgroup.

You might "think" you are ALONE and have NO-ONE to help you - but that's not true - YOU ARE NEVER ALONE - as you have 4 karmic facets which means you have SUPPORT - and you have HELP - and you have STRENGTH - and you will have the ability to solve your karmic problem - all you need to do is ASK FOR HELP....



סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם