The Spiritual Writings of ספר סודי סודות

סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם

The Book of Reincarnations - Sefer Gilgulim ספר גילגולים

written, intuited and explained by author of ספר סודי סודות

Creating Good Luck & Good Karma

Audio file is - [17] Creating Good Luck and Good Karma in your aura and in your life


Creating Good Luck & Good Karma

Achieving Good Karma - Knowing what truly is "Good Karma" ....

Knowing when you have achieved positive Karmic Results that all stagnation and negativity vanishes


Every reincarnated soul is instinctively set along a pathway of "Bad Luck" defined by Bad Karma - therefore to break the karmic cycle of "Bad Luck" one needs to CHANGE. It's really quite easy as - YOU are the one who can do it for yourself - you don't need anyone else to help you change your karma - in fact no-one else can change you except you - you don't even need any lucky charms or magical prayers - all you need is within YOU. You can set yourself free from your own BAD luck and BAD karma. It's that simple. All you need is to fill your mind, thoughts and aura with Good Karma.


Good Karma sits in your Aura

Good Karma - emits signals of your true identity to the world - Good Karma sits in your Aura

Enabling you attract into your life - your karmic lessons - whilst protecting you from what isn't needed.


I hope that by now - you've realized an important facet of life - that it is the INVISIBLE and INEXPLICABLE energies, feelings and thoughts - that creates changes which define your real life. You can't see them - no-one can see them - and yet it is the INVISIBLE energies that are sitting in your aura - that come into your aura - that constantly communicate with your aura and that are emitted from your aura - which are defining your life experiences and your reactions to what you experience. What's in your aura - what are you emitting to the world - an aura of calmness, love, peace, warmth and happiness - I hope you are!


Most people are experts at taking POSITIVE energies and converting them into NEGATIVE energies - just like all the delicious food we all eat each day and convert it into "s**t"! - but it takes an enlightened soul to take a NEGATIVE energy and convert it into POSITIVE - but once you know how to convert negative into positive - you can then handle "everything" in life - and that's when you see "everything" in life - with a completely different attitude - all you need is the following understanding .....


Slow-down and enjoy the moments of life

There's a facet of life that we're all getting carried-away with and that's due to the generational astrological energies of "speed". Everyone is running around at "speed" - it's an addiction of this modern "internet" generation - to be busy, pushy, stressed and frustrated - wanting to get to the destination without enjoying any of the moments during the journey - and in so doing - people are missing out on "life". Therefore the 1st thing to do is SLOW-DOWN.

Appreciate the reality of each and every moment and it's positive energy - slow down and appreciate "life". I've even seen it in "Church" and "Synagogues" - people hurry-in say a "quickie" prayer and hurry-out - few are truly appreciating the moments of life. Even our meals - are "fast-food" - try eating "fast-food" slowly?!

If you need to know - WHY you should slow-down - you soul needs to - in order convert each of the negativity into positive energy - otherwise all you're doing is walking around and collectively BOTH positive and negative - and not "dealing" with the negative karmic energies which you're collecting.

Each and everything in your life - is interacting with your aura - so when you're taking life so quickly - you're missing all the karmic "signs" - which are being sent to your aura to awaken you. Going at-speed through life - will define you're not dealing with the negative karma - which will continue to sit in your aura - and you'll keep on attracting the SAME repetitive type of karmic BAD LUCK into your life - because you've not cleansed your aura - into an aura of GOOD KARMA to attract GOOD LUCK.

The auric glow of contentment you sense from "older" and wiser people - is the slowness - which you sense strongly - as happiness with life - that's because they have realized quality is better than quantity. Good karma is not only when you contentment - but you have such good quality of energy in your aura - that your aura is no longer disturbed by any negativity - because it no longer attracts it or needs it - and immediately it does come-in you convert the "garbage" into a positive energy.


Good Karma is Loving "Life"

Loving Every Single Facet of "Life"

Achieving and creating Good Karma is easy - Good Karma is the energy of Love - Loving everything in Life


Good karma is loving everything - literally everything in the world. Especially things you've got - things that "life" has given you - everything you have that is "yours" - things that are "your" identity and "your" energy - the clothes you wear - your favorite shoes - the iphone you have - your hairstyle - your eyes - your home - your "everything" that you have - that defines "you".

The auric energy of "Good karma" is contentment, happiness - defined by a sincere gratitude, love and appreciation of every single thing you have - created a loving energy from within you - for every facet and aspect of your life. Good karma in your aura is being happy with everything you have and loving it all. These energies sit in your aura - and make you positively glow.


Your Aura is defined ..... by either LOVE or HATE ...... Positive or Negative ....

When you LOVE one thing - you LOVE everything | When you HATE one thing - you HATE everything

When you LOVE one person - you LOVE everyone | When you HATE one person - you HATE everyone

But when you complain about "just" one thing - you're actually complaining about "everything".


The Book of Love ספר האהבה - defines there are 4 different categories of love that you can generate and feel - "love" is an energy which each and everyone has in one's aura - the specific fixed energies of "love" or "hate" - "positive" or "negative" in your aura - identify what you're attracted to - and what your karma needs.


The specific energies of LOVE or HATE are present in your aura, in your life, in your karmic destiny UNTIL you change them, heal them OR destiny feels there's no need for them to be in your aura anymore. You either have "love" or hate" for each category in your life - it can never be "both" .... so when you HATE one person - you HATE all people - and when you truly LOVE one person - then you LOVE all people. People who say they like some people but hate others - eventually end-up hating everyone - as "hate" is like a cancer that spreads in one's aura - until one stops - and begins to love everyone.


The 4 categories of LOVE in your aura are defined by:-


[1] People you know in your life and people you see in your real life - who constantly interact with you.

[2] People who have died that you remember and great "Spiritual Souls" that made an impression on you.

[3] Personal Physical - including all your physical attributes, your body parts, your speech and your personality that the world sees.

[4] Detached Physical - including all the clothes you wear - your bed - your home - your furniture - your car - your identity


If any one of these categories is missing or not 100% in your aura - then a facet of you is "missing" and out of sync with yourself - an important facet of your life's energy. Each category of LOVE - leads to and includes the "Bond of LOVE between your soul, your higher spiritual self - and to the Divine GOD" - because essentially everything is GOD and GOD is everything it just "seems" to us that there are separate entities in this physical world due to transcendence of time and space but in essence everything is GOD and GOD is everything. Therefore when you LOVE anything in the world - you LOVE the Divine GOD that created everything.


When your reality is in SYNC with your higher self - you're in harmony with your karmic destiny - and in harmony with the Divine Creator - and is when you're at peace with yourself - that "acceptance" of who you are is - all you can be expected to be in this life - you can't pretend to be or want to be someone you're not. If you want to be someone you're not - then you won't be in sync with your karmic destiny.

Therefore when you accept everything you have in your life is when you're truly happy with everything in your life - when you appreciate everything in your life - when you love everything in your life - that's when you're in sync with your Divine destiny - hence in sync with your own karma.

But when you're unhappy and complaining about even one facet of your life - complaining about one person in your life - then you're complaining about the essence of your own karmic destiny. At that point of "complaining" is when you must STOP complaining - deal with the karmic situation - heal the karma - see the reason for "it" - see the good in everything - and change the BAD karma of your own life - by changing the attitude towards every facet of your life - to see the GOOD in everything.


The 5 categories in your life - to create GOOD karma

Creating Good Karma means Loving each and every aspect ...


[1] natural objects in the world - stones, mountains, rivers, oceans, planets and stars

[2] "manufactured" objects - that have changed their original created energy to become something else

[3] vegetation - fruit and vegetables, plants and trees that grow - seeds that grow - and have a cycle of "life and death"

[3] animals - that have life energy to move and procreate on their own - and have "life and death" cycle

[4] humans - everyone you see and meet - everyone you talk to and connect with - everyone who defines your character


Good karma is appreciation of every single thing you have and everything you can see with your eyes.

So think - contemplate - meditate - about everything and everyone - how lovely everything is ...


Good Karma is energy that's in your aura

Defined by your relationships with other people

The only reason you've reincarnated is to heal your own soul - this is defined by your RELATIONSHIPS with other people. People who are both important to your soul from past-life problems and people whom destiny has brought into your life - to teach your soul - lessons in this lifetime.

The BEST karma in the world is - creating life - through mutual love of man and woman - who brings new life into the world - but it's not just about procreation - for GOOD karma by definition is - creating something from nothing working together with other people.

This website is perfect example - I could not afford to write and program the website - and it's the readers donations that have paid for this website to exist - collectively from the kindness of people all over the world - have worked together to create something from nothing.

Even though we all forget about "people" who have made things happen - we all consist of people's energy in our lives. The people who made your clothes - the people who work hard to bring you food - [that includes everyone from the field workers to supermarkets workers] - you exist today - because of people.

Good karma - means you become AWAKENED to realize - it is thanks to GOOD PEOPLE in many parts of the world - who have worked to give you all the things you have in your life. Life is about people. Life is about good people from all over the world. Good karma is recognizing this fact and loving ALL the people of the world who have done good for you. And when you really think of the facts - you'll realize that there's so many - billion's of people loveable hard-working good people on this planet - who are all collectively doing good in the world - this world is truly a wonderful place of so many good people.


Loving Hard-Working Good People Who Make Your Clothes

My 1st example is the good hard-working people who made your clothes - as the recent collapse in April 2013 of Savar Building in Bangladesh which killed 1129 awakened me to realize a karmic truth - that there are 10,000's of hard-working good people in factories all over the world making clothes that we're all wearing. When we look at your clothes - we should say THANK YOU as we think of the energy that has gone into creating what we have and LOVE the good hard-working people that made them.

You might never meet the people who made your clothes - but when you use your mind to THINK - when you change your attitude from taking-things-for-granted without thinking - is damaging your own aura - whereas - constantly thinking about everything in your life - and saying THANK YOU with an energy of LOVE for everyone who has done anything for you - will shift profound karmic energies in YOUR aura.


People who IGNORE the truthful facts of life - of everything they see in life - are actually walking around in DARKNESS in BLINDNESS to TRUTH. When you look at your home - do you realize the huge effort the builders took to build it. When you look at your walls, kitchen, bathroom, tiles and floors - do you think it just got "put" there by a machine OR do you realize the effort it took by a team of hard-workers. The automobile you drive - do you realize it took 1000's of people to design, build and construct the components - so that you have a wonderful car. The meal you eat at a restaurant - even a fast-food outlet - a team of people are working together to give you a delicious meal. In fact, it's always enjoyable to see everyone working so well in teams at fast-food outlets!

Another favorite of mine - is FOOD - everything you eat - has been grown somewhere in the world - "coffee" - which we all drink everyday - wasn't made in a factory - it was made in a field - probably in Brazil - and the hard-working field workers - picked the beans to give you your cup of coffee or tea. So next time you have your coffee - think of the work it took to pick the beans in the field by good people - and as you emit the loving thoughts of gratitude into the ether - not only makes the coffee taste better - but creates good karma in your aura and makes you become a happier person.


Wherever you go, whatever you do and whatever you have in your life - is only being made possible by the collective energies of PEOPLE. Even the pavements, roads and all floors have been "done" by people. But if you walk around BLIND and in DARKNESS - thinking it's all automated and you honestly feel you have no need to THANK anyone or LOVE anyone for the goodness they've done - then your aura is DEAD. In the same way you're aura is DEAD - thinking and loving no-one for all they have done for you - then no-one will THANK YOU for what you do nor LOVE you for what you do - because in the same way you're not ALIVE and AWAKE thinking of others - others won't be alive and thinking of you - as they will sense you're not alive and awake. As you give-out to the world - the world gives-back to you. Being ALIVE and AWAKENED is up to you - is your aura ALIVE and AWAKENED?


At the bottom of this page I give exercises to do - for you to LOVE all aspects of life - literally EVERYTHING you see with your eyes - you can begin to LOVE - especially as you realize that EVERYTHING has specific reason in your life. There's nothing in your life "by accident" nor "by coincidence" - the question you need to ask yourself - is WHAT is your "life" communicating to you. It wants to awaken you - and wants to get your attention - to make you LOVE and create GOOD KARMA in the world.


Is your aura ALIVE and AWAKENED?

Good Karma defines the need to be awakened - because if you're not awake - how can you love.

Although your mind can either choose for you to live in an aura of Love or Hate - you can actually walk around "dead" too !

When you LOVE - you're ALIVE | When you feel nothing - you're DEAD | When you hate you're creating BAD karma


A Wonderful World Full of Wonderful People




Louis Armstrong's "What a Wonderful World" is a truly a karmic classic song for our generation


Begin to Change Your Karma ...

Focus on ONE thing and think how wonderful it is

Begin to focus on one thing you have - and think how wonderful it is - and how lucky you are and how much you love it. Objects are always easy to LOVE - followed by FOOD - followed by pets and animals - followed by "humans" - it's in that order as listed - because the energy of LOVE always begins in stages that start small and increase in strength.


So begin with an object - it could be your iPhone or computer - awaken your mind and thoughts and think of all the good people who made "it" - and that includes the brilliance of Steve Jobs of Apple - who has changed our lives. Think how lucky you are to have whatever "it" is you have - focus your thoughts of love and appreciation for the good people who made it possible.

Thereafter focus on FOOD you eat - and think how wonderful it is and how you love it so much. Then focus on people in your life - how wonderful they are and how you love them so much. Then focus on something else - every day of your life - and think how wonderful it is and how much you love it so much. Any opportunity you get - to THINK of something or someone - and how wonderful it is, how lucky you are and how you love it so much.


The problem with many of us - is that we've spent years - walking around "DEAD", BLIND and in DARKNESS - that we've spent some of the best years of our lives - using our heads to do nothing except to create grumpy thoughts, complaining and BAD karma in our aura - that now it's quite something to think of how wonderful life is, how lucky you are and how you love so many things in your life so much - that it will make you dizzy - dizzy with joy and happiness - because your aura has had a negative cloud of BAD karma around it - not just from this life - but many past-lifetimes too - that finally you're creating GOOD karma - it's going to feel very refreshing - very very refreshing indeed.


Reincarnation is Karma of Relationships

The fundamental reason you've reincarnated is to heal the relationship energies in your aura.


I've explained this page in stages - in order to give you a foundation of loving energy - on all the "easy" things you can easily love. However, life - your current reincarnation is all about relationships with other people. Which aren't easy to heal - because of all the earthly complications. Even so - once you're on the pathway of LOVE - then even the difficult karmic relationships can be healed.


On the Astrological website - I explained that each of us - has 7 different types of relationships in our lives - defined by the specific facets and energies they take from and give you. Each of these relationships needs healing in order for you to be karmically completely healed and wholesome.


Hence, it is vitally important you learn how to convert a NEGATIVE HATEFUL relationship into a "DEAD" one [or even a POSITIVE one] - but for the sake of healing the karma of your soul - especially past-life karma - all you really need to do is clear-up your karmic "garbage" and eliminate the negative hateful relationships - redefining them as "dead" - all relationships and people who you feel NOTHING towards are indeed karmically "dead"- so far as you're concerned.


Good Karma sits in your Aura

Good Karma - just like past-life Bad Karma - sits in your aura


The inexplicable invisible energies that define "you" - will ensure you attract into your life - all the people, places and events you need to attract into your life - in order to heal past-life karma - but also to ensure you get the destined events your soul needs. Therefore by filling your aura full of LOVE, full of compassion, full of pity and full of forgiveness - you're soul will attract things and help you avoid other things that you no longer need in your life.

Good karma defined by loving life - loving everyone in your life - helps rearrange your life - and puts you on a pathway that is no longer a "dead-end". However, to get-out of the "dead-end" of bad karma - you need to create GOOD karma - especially from WITHIN yourself - which is defined by ALL the people who have unfairly and inexplicably been very difficult in your life.

The inexplicable karmic relationship energies needs healing - you need to let-go of the bad karma - but I've found from experience that telling people to let-go of bad energies is impossible - because their aura is so negative that they HATE everything and everyone in the world - therefore instead of doing exercises to let-go - it's best to start work on "yourself" - on your aura - and make yourself full of "love" for life , for "others" and then for the BAD karmic relationships. So start with things that are so easy to "love" - and then finally progress to the inexplicably BAD and karmically hateful relationships.


Focus on one person you've hated - and think how good they are - is that difficult ? I guess it is !

So let's begin to explain how to create GOOD KARMA in all the relationships in your life.

1st stage is to love all good souls of good people ... feel, sense and think love of others ....



At free tourist attractions - such as Spanish Steps Rome above photo - you see people at their best - enjoying life

Being amongst people - who are having a good time and enjoying life - makes you have a good time and enjoy life too !

Focus your thoughts on the collective humanity of many people and think how they're all enjoying the gift of "life"


Loving all Good Souls of Good People

History is written full of amazing and wonderful people - good souls who gave their lives for our freedom

It's easy to love such great people - who helped change history for the better ... such as every soldier at the

American Military Cemetery at Omaha Beach Colleville-Sur-Mer in Normandy France

Every cross has the name of a brave soldier who died on the beach at D-Day 6th June 1944



2nd stage is to feel sorry for, for pity for and compassion for all people with BAD KARMA


Grumpy people with "BAD KARMA" - refuse to think of anyone except themselves - they have a karmic dead-end blockage in their aura which refuses to love others - because "they" can't bring themselves to think of others - hence asking them to LOVE others is impossible - asking them to change is impossible and asking them to forgive is impossible too - as such dead-end arrogant people always believe they've done nothing wrong.


However and thank GOD - you're not like them - and will never be like them - even though you've had BAD moments of BAD karma - when you too couldn't LOVE others - you were never so karmically BLOCKED to never ever love another person. So whenever you meet people who are COLD, GRUMPY and HATEFUL - feel pity and feel sorry for them.

When I see people who've never had a loving relationship or people who aren't in a loving relationship - I feel so sorry for them - they're missing out on the greatest facets of life. It's their bad luck and bad karma - and what makes it worse for many people is that they're so BLIND - they can't see what they're missing and instead of making a positive change to become loving - they continue along their karmic dead-end. So all we can really do is feel pity and feel sorry for them.


The normal thing to do - when someone is COLD, GRUMPY and HATEFUL - to you - is be COLD, GRUMPY and HATEFUL - back to them - but when you feel pity and feel sorry for them that they've been born with such BAD LUCK and BAD KARMA - then you're actually cleansing the bad karma - by converting an energy of "Hate" in the ether to an energy of "compassion" and "Pity" through "love". The "love" might not be direct "love" for them - as it is probably a "love" for the lucky person you are - but it is thanks to the COLD, GRUMPY and HATEFUL - that has made you realize - how lucky you are. Even so - "they" were the catalyst to make you realize this truth - and in turn you're cleansing the world of karmic garbage.


Indeed, it's so easy to convert "hate" of someone - simply by feeling sorry that they've been born with "bad" karma - it is such BAD LUCK to be born with BAD karma - as they want others to "hate" them - they can't help themselves - their karmic journey is a self-destructive DEAD-END - and they're emitting energy to make people "hate" them - in an attempt to inflict get people to fulfill their bad karma.

So whenever you sense their "hate" energies - feel sorry for them - feel compassion - as it's their "bad" luck that they've been born with such "bad" karma - and you'll soon see "they" will stop bothering you - as their karma wants their own karmic dead-end - and everytime they see you - they will sense LIGHT and LOVE - they'll actually begin to keep away from you!



3rd stage is to realize "they" have a spiritual soul too ...

Everyone has a spiritual soul too ...

When you see a candle - you know it's been lit by someone

When you see someone - you know they have a higher spiritual soul

When you wish good luck to everyone - you're wishing good luck for their higher soul too

When you bless everyone - you're blessing everyone's soul

When you love everyone - you're loving everyone's higher soul too



Everyone - every single human being - is just like you - they have emotions and a soul inside them too - that's making them feel and do certain things - whatever their karmic destiny is making them feel. So when people are being BAD - NASTY, MEAN and HORRIBLE - it's destroying them inside too. Their self-destructive soul is making them do BAD things - which sooner or later - they will realize is WRONG and BAD - and they'll either change in this lifetime - or eventually die and need to be spiritually rescued.


The reason I mention this fact here is whenever you think of someone who's dead - especially someone who was BAD to you - you never have the same hatred for them as when they were alive - in fact you will probably feel a mixture of happiness, relief and pity for their soul. So when "someone" is really giving you "grief" - feel sorry for their soul - as if they've died - and you will heal the karma in your aura.


All you need to do - is constantly follow the pathway of love, compassion and good karma - which will mean you'll transform to become the best version of yourself - each and everyday - a better version of yourself - that doesn't get affected by BAD people - a version of yourself that constantly gets stronger - glowing full of GOOD KARMA, LOVE and COMPASSION - because once you begin to love life, love everything in your life, love people and love everyone in your life - then your karmic is complete and the aura of your soul healed - that's when you'll attract a different type of GOOD LUCK and GOOD PEOPLE into your life - as you become enlightened to know what is the true definition of GOOD LUCK and GOOD PEOPLE.


Meeting the Best Version of "Yourself"

The more you love - the better you become - the happier you become and the luckier you'll feel

Whatever you LOVE the most in your life - is energy of GOOD karma

Whoever and Whatever excites you the most in your life - is energy GOOD karma

Whoever and Whatever brings out the best in you - to make you the most loving - is energy of GOOD karma

The more you forgive - feel compassion for - feel pity for - love everyone have ever known

- the more wholesome you'll become - the more karmically wholesome you'll become

It takes time to heal the "past" - but LOVE is the KEY - love life - love people - love everything.


Everything Karmic - sits in your Aura

Every relationship you've ever had with anyone - sits in your aura - parents - siblings - family - grandparents - teachers - friends - and lovers - each and all define your AURA - some stronger than others - some negative and some positive - defined by the experiences they gave your soul - and the memory you have of them.

Everyone you've HATED and LOVED - sits in your aura - as an inexplicable karmic energy - in fact - and this is the important karmic point - everyone you've HATED and LOVED from ANY of your past lifetimes - sits in your Aura - and will define your inexplicable prejudices, emotions of love and hate - magnetic attractions to and repulsiveness for anything or anyone that your aura wants you to be attracted to and experience in this lifetime. The ONLY thing that will HEAL your AURA is LOVE.


30 days of Daily Exercises of Karmic "Love"

When you see and think of - anyone and everyone - whoever they are - THINK to yourself ...

[1] I love you [2] I feel sorry for you [3] I wish you good luck in your life

Do this for 30 days - and you'll see you're life changing for the better.


When you see others - be happy for them and wish them well.

And when you think of your own life - say "THANK YOU" for all your experiences

Be happy you're alive and have the ability to change your own life

Be happy you have been blessed with good karma


The strongest and HIGHEST form of Love you can have is sincere gratitude for the gift of life - defined by Love from within your soul for the Divine Creator of this infinite Universe - which defines the highest form of "Good Luck and Good Karma" - as you'll feel a oneness from within.

This inner bond of LOVE to the Divine Creator of the Universe - comes from constantly being grateful for everything in your life - never complaining about anything - accepting everything that has happened in your life and that happens in your life - and really loving the Divine GOD for giving you "life".

The Divine awareness doesn't just come - it comes as a karmic gift - as you fill your aura with "life" energy and "love" for all - the karmic gift of feeling the Divine is a gift you'll get - [if you haven't already got it] - as you become more and more loving and compassionate for humanity.

People who claim to be "godly" - but hate this person and hate that person - and complain about this and that - are fooling themselves - because EVERYONE and EVERYTHING in the world is created by, loved by and part of the Divine GOD - so if the Divine GOD loves all - if the Divine GOD gives life and energy to all - then there must be a reason. It is our acceptance for EVERYONE - when you see the true DIVINE.


Only "Love" Creates Good Karma


The True Purpose of this Last Reincarnation is to create Good Karma

[1] All reincarnated souls need to learn to FORGIVE - defined by acceptance and never complain

[2] All reincarnated souls need to learn to be COMPASSIONATE to everyone.

[3] All reincarnated souls need to learn to LOVE.


Everyone has reincarnated in this generation - because we got things wrong in past-lives - we hated instead of loving

Therefore the solution to solve your karmic puzzle is to love all - and in so doing - you'll find your karmic aura healing

The more you love - the more healing energy comes into your soul - the more GOOD karma you create in the world


Our Karmically Lucky Internet Generation

I've said it more than once - the karmic gift of the internet - we're so lucky to have the internet in our generation. The internet is blessing of Good karma - I love the internet - as it is thanks to the kindness in the form of donations from readers from all over the world - that have paid for and enabled this website to exist - expanding the good karma in the world.




Love Everything - Love Everyone

Think Wisely - Think "Love" Constantly

The Book of Love ספר האהבה



The 4 categories of LOVE in your aura are defined by:-


[1] People you know in your life and people you see in your real life - who constantly interact with you.

[2] People who have died that you remember and great "Spiritual Souls" that made an impression on you.

[3] Personal Physical - including all your physical attributes, your body parts, your speech and your personality that the world sees.

[4] Detached Physical - including all the clothes you wear - your bed - your home - your furniture - your car - your identity


The 5 categories in your life - to create GOOD karma

Creating Good Karma means Loving each and every aspect ...


[1] natural objects in the world - stones, mountains, rivers, oceans, planets and stars

[2] "manufactured" objects - that have changed their original created energy to become something else

[3] vegetation - fruit and vegetables, plants and trees that grow - seeds that grow - and have a cycle of "life and death"

[3] animals - that have life energy to move and procreate on their own - and have "life and death" cycle

[4] humans - everyone you see and meet - everyone you talk to and connect with - everyone who defines your character



Daily exercises - constant awareness - constant thoughts of love ....

When you wake-up in the morning - open your eyes - and think - I love this and I love that ....

I love waking up - I love my bed - I love the bathroom - I Love the soap - I love the shower - I love the towel

I love the toothpaste - I love scent of perfume or aftershave - I love all the colors I see in the bathroom

I love the morning coffee - I love my socks - I love my vests - I love my clothes - I love my shoes - I love breathing

I love walking - I love seeing sunshine - I love seeing people - I love life - I love life so much ...

Go through your day - and think of everything you see - and say I love it .... I love it so much !


Remember the karmic reason why you love it so much is defined

by the good people of the world who made it and put it in your life.



Just look - open your eyes - and think - I love this and I love that ....

I love the stars in the Sky at Night ...

loving "space" - the vast infinite universal space is easy ... it's so beautiful and amazing ...



Have you ever looked-up at the sky at night - and realized the truth of how vast the Universe is ....

"SkyWatching" is truly amazing - seeing a truthful reality beyond what is beyond imagination ...


I love the cats, the flowers, trees and green grass...

loving nature is easy ...




I love the Horses and the Buildings ...

loving animals and buildings - loving your home - loving your city is easy ...



Being Amongst People Creates Good Karma

I love Rome - the energy - the atmosphere

loving people who love what you love is easy ....




The intrinsic human desire to be connected with other people and the social glue of humanity is love - collective love or individual love - it's all the same energy of LOVE that connects everyone together. When you're amongst large crowds of like-minded people you feel more connected to "life" and more loveable. Whether it be St Peters on Christmas day, a pop-concert, football/baseball game or wherever there's lots of people creates a sense of warmth, friendliness, love and togetherness.


Whatever it is - you too - must love lots of things

Think to yourself "I love this and I love that"

I love everything in this beautiful World


The Book of Love ספר האהבה



סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם