The Spiritual Writings of ספר סודי סודות

סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם

The Book of Reincarnations - Sefer Gilgulim ספר גילגולים

written, intuited and explained by author of ספר סודי סודות

Guardian Angels שומרים "Shomrim"

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כי מלאכיו יצוה לך לשמרך בכל דרכיך

"For GOD will command the Angels to Guard you in all your ways" Psalms 91 verse 11


Traditional religious teachings have stated alleged facts about "Guardian Angels" without questioning nor analyzing the statements and WITHOUT tuning-in spiritually to know if they're truthful or not - hence past generations accepted teachings as "truths" when in fact they were nonsense. Thankfully, in the past 70 years after the 2nd World War - due to the enlightened quest for spiritual truth following a karmic "shake-up" of religion - our "questioning" generation - have doubted traditions because they haven't answered many specific karmic questions.

Hence, although, I base my understandings on the original hereditary teachings - I've questioned them a lot - like many of you in our generation - because there's been something MISSING and LACKING amongst the traditional teachings which is clearly full of inherent falsehoods, deception and misguided lies. The reason for this is they've been created over 100's of years of people refusing to question and refusing to doubt the "traditional" teachings - but also has been due to the DIVINE will of GOD that - spiritual secrets have been withheld from humanity until the "right" destiny time to reveal the truths.

However, since the 1930's - and thanks to the wise teachings of Yechya Kapach - a deep-thinking Yemenite Spiritual Rabbi who specifically wrote a book called "Milchemos Hashem" - against the fundamental nonsense of "kabbala" and it's use of names of "angels". He explains and writes AGAINST all those "old" teachings which misguided good people to believe in false imaginary "Angels" - even giving illusionary nonsensical names to them - to create a web of illusion and mystery - this deceptions misguided humanity searching for truth in the past generations and have done so again today in modern day "kabbalah". The truthful reality is there is ONLY ONE DIVINE GOD throughout the whole world - and the DIVINE GOD doesn't need - nor has any need for any "angels" doing the DIVINE work.

Thankfully during "2013" in Rzeszow - Poland - with time to study all the traditional teachings - sifting through "everything" to find the TRUTH - and as I shirked-off my own individuality and persona - was then inspired to intuit and reveal these Divine answers.

Accept my humble apologies if I've got it wrong - or if you feel it's wrong for you - but the following spiritually enlightened version of "Guardian Angels" will provide many with "answers" you've been looking for - and is based on truthful spiritual understanding of individual AURA's, collective AURA's, spiritual souls, astrology and the true essence of the Eternal DIVINE GOD.


The Purpose of "Believing" in Guardian Angels

Humanity has a fundamental flaw - the flaw is FEAR of BEING ALONE - this flaw of humanity has been inbuilt in everyone's mind with a Divine destined purpose - to get you to SEARCH for and WANT something beyond your own individuality, beyond the reality of your own life - with an inbuilt belief of the fact that there is "something/someone" out there that you must find that will make you feel you are NOT ALONE.

Atheists go looking for and searching for "something" to keep them occupied - Scientists go looking for and search for "life" on other planets and now they're attempting to search beyond our solar system - children go looking - adults go looking - animals go looking - even my pet cat goes walkabouts searching for "something" - everyone's natural instinct is to go looking and search for "something". Very often people don't even know "what" they're looking for - but they "Know" they've got to go looking.

All the man-made religions created "gods", idols, symbols and even made-up mystical man-made angels with nonsensical names to prevent people from LOOKING and SEARCHING for the truthful real answers. "They" did this to cover-up and hide much deeper profound TRUTH - and because they couldn't accept this TRUTH they constantly prevented people from LOOKING for and SEARCHING for truthful spiritual answers.

In hindsight, everyone now acknowledges how foolish, stupid and ignorant all the "past" generations have been - even the Greeks, Romans, early Pagans and some of the "the Tribes of Israel". Even so, at their time - "they" were believed because what they said couldn't be disproved. Hence ACCEPTANCE of the nonsense - was the only option for many.

But, it's clear that the leaders with their exceptional intellect were BAD people - as they chose to cover-up, manipulate and hide much deeper profound TRUTH - hence they lied and they led "people" to believe that GOD is FAR AWAY - and that the DIVINE GOD created intermediaries - like "angels", other minor "gods" and "lucky" charms - thereafter ignorant "people" believed in the nonsense - because they wanted to have "something" close to them - without actually believing the REAL TRUTH that GOD is even closer than people wanted to believe in, to think about and to accept.

The karmic truth is - GOD is EVERYTHING and EVERYTHING is GOD - each and everyone in the world - each and everything in the world - is sustained and is created by energies that are in their very essence - transcending energies of the DIVINE GOD. You can't run-away from GOD - and you can't hide from GOD - because the DIVINE GOD is EVERYTHING.

The specific individuality comes as permutations and combinations that transcend to create different facets of the same DIVINE energy. In the same way you've been born and will die - likewise you've been born and died in prior lifetimes - and everyone else too - as everyone has the same karmic cycle of life - you physical individuality is merely a necessary illusion to conceal the REAL TRUTH that WITHIN you is a HOLY SPIRITUAL SOUL that is DIVINE in it's essence.

Atheistic non-believers might deny this TRUTH - but it's guaranteed they one day they will die and will then face the TRUTH - isn't it an ironic fact that "everyone" has an inner belief that they'll live forever - or they'll never die - that's because intrinsically embedded is the karmic TRUTH that a person's souls continues to exist - even after physical death.


The Divine GOD is Everywhere

The intrinsic reason WHY "they" created the concept of intermediaries and Guardian Angels was because "they" couldn't see GOD - and couldn't comprehend the TRUTH - additionally "they" didn't want to believe the TRUTH - that GOD is EVERYTHING - GOD is EVERYWHERE - WITHIN EVERYONE and WITHIN EVERYTHING.

So they created an idea that would be easier for many people to comprehend. Unfortunately, their misguided nonsensical beliefs - made people "be good" when in a "House of GOD" - but when they left the "House of GOD" - the "temple" and place of "worship" - "they" could do whatever "they" want - because GOD wasn't looking and GOD wasn't present. It's ironically funny to me - that in every man-made religion - that confined GOD to "House of GOD" - "they" have all been very EVIL - even worse than atheists!

However, my biggest question was comprehending WHY "they" believed in "Guardian Angels" and WHY "they" made me believe in "Guardian Angels" - the answer is quite clear - that in the same way many of us sense "spirit" around us - we automatically think - "it can't be GOD - can it?" - because we've been made to believe that GOD is FAR AWAY and that GOD is only found in "House of GOD" in a Church or in Temple.

However, as sensitive people, especially when you meditate or have "spiritual" experiences - you feel the HOLY SPIRITUAL energy so close to you - that you conclude - it must be something else "spiritual" - like "Guardian Angels" - when in fact and in truth - "what" you've sensed is the inexplicable purity of sensing the DIVINE presence that's WITHIN you, WITHIN your AURA and WITHIN the whole world.

In these pure moments of clarity - without any of the mundane "garbage" that's disturbing you - you can sense that WHEREVER you are in the world - you can FIND, FEEL and SENSE the DIVINE presence of GOD - you don't need to travel anywhere to "visit" GOD in a temple or in a holy place - because GOD is EVERYWHERE.


צימצום TzimTzum - "Confinement" into Space

Transcending Divine Energies into Physical World

צימצום - TzimTzum - "Squeezing something HUGE into something SMALL"


You might now ask - "If the DIVINE GOD is - everything and everywhere - then WHY don't you feel GOD all the time"? That's because the reality of physical life is an illusion - and the transcendence of energies from the spiritual ether into physical reality - means the MORE PHYSICAL something is - the LESS SPIRITUAL it is. The MORE individuality and persona something is in this physical world - the less it is "spiritually".

As explained - the "Cycle of Life - Birth & Death" - when someone DIES - they leave the physical body - but everyone who's been there at the moment of DEATH - you "know" and "sense" something very spiritual. That intense "spiritual" experience is their spiritual soul at it's strongest transition leaving the physical world. Likewise, when a baby is CONCEIVED - the spiritual soul that transcends through the intense love of the father and mother - creates a physical baby. The continual and constant transits of physical to spiritual AND from spiritual to physical - creates the cycles of karma in the world.

In reality, the life-cycle is when NOTHING => becomes => SOMETHING and when SOMETHING => becomes => NOTHING. Think about it - everything you do - every moment of your life - whatever you eat - whatever energy you use - whatever say and whatever emotions you create - even your thoughts - are all transferences of energy of when NOTHING => becomes => SOMETHING and when SOMETHING => becomes => NOTHING.

The hebrew word צימצום - TzimTzum that's been used for 2000 years to explain this transference of energies between the spiritual and physical is - צימצום - TzimTzum - it means CONFINEMENT of BIG => into SMALL - it literally defines that SOMETHING HUGE is SQUEEZED into SOMETHING SMALL.

The spiritual soul of each person is HUGE beyond what we can comprehend - and yet it's confined into a SMALL physical body. That's probably why - people feel they need to live in a BIG apartment and work in a BIG room - because their SPIRIT needs more room than their physical body - and that's why spiritually SMALL people always need to make a lot of noise in order to expand their physical space to make themselves BIG - as "empty" vessels make most noise!


Nothing is Everything & Everything is Nothing

The Paradox of Physical Life and Eternal Spirituality


In comprehending צימצום - TzimTzum - "Squeezing something HUGE into something SMALL" you'll now be enlightened to realize that when you are NOTHING - and when there's NOTHING physical present in front of your eyes - that's when there's the maximum SPIRITUALITY.

Have you ever wondered what's in all the EMPTY AIR around you - what's in all the EMPTY SPACE in the room you're sitting in at the moment - what's in all the EMPTY SPACE in your home - what's in all the EMPTY SPACE in the AIR outside - look outside your window now and ask yourself WHAT's THERE in the EMPTY SPACE ? What's in the EMPTY SPACE in the SKY above - what's in the EMPTY SPACE around the planet Earth - what's in all the EMPTY SPACE in all of OUTER SPACE?

Spiritual enlightenment means when you comprehend that EMPTY NOTHINGNESS is actually EVERYTHING - that's when you'll begin to realize how precious the EMPTY SPACE is around you.

Stop, meditate and contemplate "What's in the AIR around You?" - If you ask anyone today - they think "they" know the answer - and will say - lots of frequencies of passing microwaves created to transfer data that the mobile phone networks use - wifi signals for internet together with TV signals, Radio waves etc ..... Even your wifi gadget that's reading this website - is sending/receiving energies from/to the EMPTY space around you - to it's base unit - the words you're reading on your laptop/ipad have COME to you THROUGH the EMPTY space.

Add this to the TV signals - Radio waves - and millions of other buzzing energies are all passing through the EMPTY space around you - then you'll begin to realize that EMPTY space is in fact FULL of energy. In fact there's more ENERGY in EMPTY space than in physical entities.

Ofcourse, you FORGET these energies exist - because you don't think about them - as your eyes can't see them - but THEY ARE THERE. Likewise Spiritually - there's a LOT of energy around in the EMPTY space that you can't see - but because they're not visible - you're deceived to believe there's NOTHING there.

Neptune in Pisces from 2011=> 2025 defines the destined time of greatest spiritual enlightenment for humanity in the world - which means that within the next 10 years - ALL of humanity will have much more truthful clarity to "WHAT" is in the AIR around them - in all the vast EMPTY space - and when humanity will realize the DIVINE TRUTH - that's when they'll become spiritually enlightened.


The "Empty" Space Around You is "Divine"

Your physical identity is part of your specific collective spiritual SoulGroup.


In comprehending צימצום - TzimTzum - "Squeezing something HUGE into something SMALL" - you understand that there's a constant journey of transference to and fro - between the real physical world and the spiritual world - the transit stage of spiritual => physical manifests SOMETHING from complete NOTHINGNESS and does this by transcending into spiritual entities - some call "Guardian Angels of Spiritual Souls" before it manifests into it's physical reality and into your AURA.

That's why - whenever you meditate and seek to find the SPIRITUAL TRUTH - you follow the opposite pathway - and you shirk-off your own individuality and persona of who and what you are - become "nothing" and ascend spiritually and become "in tune" with the spiritual energies that are present in your AURA. Although the "empty" space around YOU - is YOUR AURA - it is also the spiritual ONENESS that is the DIVINE presence - but for you to sense it and tune-into "IT" you need to let-go of the physical "stuff" in your life, your mind and in your thoughts - that is to LET GO of all the earthly nonsense - and become "spiritual" to become part of the ONENESS with the PURE ETERNAL DIVINE PRESENCE.

This is also why - when you visit a pyschic and medium - they can sense the spiritual AURA around you - sense who is close to you - and sense what's coming into your life - they also know all the people and situations in your life - good and bad - defined by the spiritual energy they sense that's sitting in your AURA.

The pathway to "find" the truth - almost always starts with sensing SPIRIT SOULS around you - going to a pyschic, a spiritual medium and astrologer who tells you - your future and/or gives you proof of what's going on in your life - because they sense what's in your AURA.

The spirit souls in your AURA - could be people who have known you when they were alive - who "come" back to attach themselves to you - or it can be of ancestors that have a role to "look" after you OR they could be people whom are on your wavelength that attach themselves to you - to go through life together as you're part of the same "SoulGroup".

I've no doubt that EVERYONE alive in this world has SOMEONE looking after them in the Spiritual World - NO-ONE is ALONE - and that specific someone is and was a REAL person - who lived life on Earth and has a connection with you - someone who vibrates to your frequency and on your spiritual wavelength - and someone who understands you and doesn't judge you - someone who's a TRUE FRIEND.

That specific spiritual soul of "someone" designated to look after you during ANY specific phase of this lifetime - you could call your "Guardian Angel" or your "Spritiual Helper" - although others call it their own "HIGHER SELF" and I call them your BEST FRIENDS who are always looking out for you.

None of definitions are contradictions - as it is the collective spiritual energy of your AURA - of which your soul - which is represented by your physical identity is part of your specific collective spiritual SoulGroup - which in turn is defined as the collective DIVINE PRESENCE.

The truth is intrinsically we're all collectively part of the same ONENESS of the DIVINE - and that's why we're intrinsically related to each other and vibrate to the same DIVINE spiritual energy - that connects each of us - like the internet.

Individuality transcends into your physical existence so that your persona and your own AURA is formed - with your own specific SPIRITUAL SOUL on the other side that's helping and accompanying you through "life" - this specific "Spiritual Helper" / "Guardian Angel" can change and does change during specific phases of your life - and even changes during changing circumstances you find yourself in throughout each day of your life.

But NEVER FORGET - you and your spiritual helper, your "Guardian" angel - your SoulGroup are NOT individuals - as "you" are all collectively part of the same DIVINE ONENESS that is all inclusive "EVERYTHING". The reason I emphasize this is that elitists - people who think they are better than everyone else - above everyone and detached from everyone - are in fact the lowest of the low - because "individuality" by definition is the opposite to collective spirituality of the DIVINE ONENESS.


Defining "What" and "Who" is in Your Aura

When your aura is in tune with your destiny - you are "connected" to all the right people

When your aura is out-of-sync with your destiny - you feel "disconnected" from all the right people


When you're truly living in accordance with your destined pathway - without no blockages - then your aura feels wholesome. Even if you don't have "things" in your life and even though you haven't yet arrived at a "destination" that you know you should arrive at - it doesn't matter - because you know that "life" is a constantly changing journey. All you need to be aware of is - WHEN you're on the RIGHT DESTINED pathway - then you have a wholesome AURA.

In your AURA sits a spiritual AURA consisting of numerous spiritual energies of your Spiritual Helper / Guardian Angel - and all the spiritual energies that are part of your SoulGroup AND in your astrological AURA are the energies that represent the destined people and "7 astrological relationships" you should have in your life AND all the thoughts that have been GIVEN to you by all the different people you know and the books you've read etc - provided you have "everyone" you're destined to have in your life - then your AURA will feel right, balanced, correct and wholesome - because YOU are exactly where you should be along your journey of life.

Even if you don't remember "everything" all the time - when you STOP, meditate and think - you can sense EVERYONE and EVERYTHING that's sitting in your AURA and that is part of the collective energy of your AURA. It's quite ironically funny - that when you STOP and THINK - you actually realize WHAT and WHO is in your AURA - isn't necessarily what's in your life at the moment!


Indeed, I've seen that through persistence and spiritual enlightenment - "YOU" can become and change into someone new - someone different from your current reality and from your family you were born into - because in your AURA as it gets refined and redefined through life's experiences and changing astrological energies - particularly at New Moon's and Full Moon's - your AURA then acts to place you in the place with circumstances that are in-tune with and in harmony with your thoughts in your AURA.

When it does change your life - your AURA changes for the better and your Spiritual Helper / Guardian Angel can and will change - for "this" understanding of changing AURA - I quote the 2000 year old - traditional book Tana Devei Eliyahu "Zuta Chapter 3"


The Jewish "Tradition" of Guardian Angels

Traditionally there's a belief that everyone has "TWO GUARDIAN ANGELS"


Each and every person has at least two Spiritual Helper's / Guardian Angels with him/her all the time - the first mention of Guardian angels accompanying a person in the Bible is in Genesis 28 verse 12, when Jacob rests for the night and sees a transfer of his angels, some leaving him and some joining him, at that moment when he was leaving Israel on a special journey on his own - in need of an extra and different kind of protection.

The principle of Guardian Angels is explained more clearly in the Holy Book Tana Devei Eliyahu, written 2000 years ago by Rav Onan, who learnt with the prophet Elijah - Eliyahu. The Original Hebrew from Tana Devei Eliyahu Zuta Chapter 3 paragraph 4 [this book is available in Hebrew-only from Jewish Bookstores - printed by Eshkol Printers, Jerusalem] :-


.תנא דבי אליהוּ זוּטא פרק ג

.תנא דבי אליהוּ זוּטא פרק ג

To translate:- "If a person makes oneself to be a righteous person and speak the truth, one is given an Angel who guides one along the path of righteous people and truth is always spoken to that person. If a person makes himself to be wicked, to corrupt and speaks lies, then an angel will be attached who will corrupt one and mislead one's life. If a person makes oneself into a compassionate and especially kind and thoughtful person, accepting everything in life, then a special angel is given to the person which can guide along the pathway of the exceedingly righteous, giving one strength to sustain everything in life..."


Be Careful with the Power of One's Speech כל המספר לשוֹן הרע .... אין לוֹ חלק לעוֹלם הבא "One who speaks gossip and slanders (even if its true) another person loses one's spiritual connection with GOD and loses the right to one's destined place in Eternal Divine Spirit World" (Talmud Sanhedrin 90a).


To explain; Each of you has two guardian angels, similarly to having friends - which I refer to as Spiritual Helpers in Spirit world of Souls that come close to you and resonate with your soul. Hence in the same way if you treat your friends nicely then they stay with you, if you lie and cheat your friends, they will go away, and other types of friends will befriend you - low life - cheats and liars - just like you. If you ignore your friends who are trying to be kind and helpful to you, then they will ignore you.

If however, you move up the social ladder by dressing smartly, talking eloquently, honestly, respectfully and behaving morally then you will automatically attract a much better class of friend, and if you pay attention to and appreciate your friends good advice then they will give you more good advice and guidance.

Similarly and even more so with your Spiritual Helper / Guardian Angels, your thoughts, words and actions have a profound affect on your AURA and WHO you attract to HELP you from Spirit world of souls. The most powerful gift you have is your ability to speak, hence, this is the judging factor by which your AURA is defined and with which "Guardian Angels" are given to guide you, depending on the way we use the power of speech. The above passage teaches that lies, deceit, gossip and slander are so abhorrent and unacceptable to spiritual world of souls that it induces from spirit world the worst consequences - because it brings BAD spiritual energies into one's AURA.


The above portion of "Tana Devei Eliyahu" teaches us that gossiping, telling lies, ruins and corrupts a person soul, in such a way that one's own Spiritual Helpers / Guardian angels are changed and one is given disruptive "spiritual souls" to corrupt and ruin one's life even more. Conversely, it makes the ability to change for the better - so simple - just tell the truth, being 100% careful with every word one says, then good guardian angels will enter one's spiritual aura to guide and protect you. This innate ability to refine one's soul - one's AURA - through refining one's speech, attracting new guardian angels of higher spiritual levels is the key to changing one's future.


There are Two Types of People in this World


The first and most wonderful category is the HONEST group, which basically means when you are nice to them they are nice in return, when you are horrible to them they are horrible in return. When you ask them a question, you are given the honest answer in return. The intrinsic goodness of this group, will always make you feel alive and happy.

When you hear something good has happened to anyone of this group, you too - feel the happiness. Conversely when something bad happens you feel their sorrow and pain. The honest group person, will always find ways to be nice and compliment, saying nice constructive words, looking for the goodness in people, and they will always exude, radiate love and happiness, even in the face of adversity . They will always find ways to create loving energy and NEVER "steal" energy from others by hateful, negative or destructive thoughts, words or actions.


The other group of people in this world are the DECEITFUL (liars) people, which basically means when you are nice to them they are horrible in return, when you are horrible to them they are nice in return . When you ask them a question, you are given lies and deceit in return. The intrinsic deceit, twistedness, lies and doing opposites of this group, will always make you feel drained and sad (unless you are of the same type - in which case you feel re-assured and happy mixing with them, as you will always end up gossiping and slandering good people, and re-assuring yourselves that your lifestyle is the correct one ).

When you hear something good has happened to anyone of this group - you feel a sadness or indifferent. When something bad happens to this group, you either feel happy or indifferent. That is to say, the soulful energy is not exuded or radiated from this type of person, they are usually very closed and selfish with their energies.


The good thing about being in the honest group, is that in a short time of speaking to the other deceitful group, you "instinctively know" who they are, your spiritual guides and angelic helpers in YOUR AURA - give you the feeling. And in the conversation with them, as they lie or contradict themselves - you sense something is wrong - and you catch them out. This is the protection given to you by DIVINE GOD in the presence of your AURA.

As a deceitful person and someone who is BAD for you - will always lie, they cannot help themselves, it is natural for them. They are always caught out by the honest group of people. There will always be signs along the way, they may cheat their husbands/wives, at work they will be lazy, sleeping on the job or time wasting etc., or as bosses they will abuse their staff and never show appreciation, continue cheating and fiddling their staff out of money, or on the internet - they will THIEVE, STEAL and CHEAT - taking things without paying for them - basically they have no morals or ethical standards, and they don't trust anyone because they themselves are not to be trusted.


The reason I've explained the "TWO TYPES" of people is that in everyone's AURA you have "TWO TYPES" of relationships and spiritual energies that overlap - indeed in real life you have friends you can 100% trust and are good friends and you also have friends who are UNTRUSTWORTHY and you can NEVER trust - and likewise spiritually you can have GOOD SPIRITUAL HELPERS and BAD disruptive ones that want to block and disrupt your destiny.

By defining "WHO" and "WHAT" is in your real life - into HONEST and DISHONEST groups of people and energies - will help you define your own AURA, what's in your AURA and who influences your AURA "spiritually" too. If you have loads of nonsense in your real life - like watching horror movies and garbage on the TV - that those energies sit in your aura. Conversely, when you have lots of TRUTH in your aura from real-life beauty of life - in the fresh air, blue skies, stars in the sky at night, beauty of nature, birds, pets, animals, gardens and the flowers - then your AURA is much stronger, pure and clearer.


Like Attracts Like ...

"Attracting" the Good Guardian Angels


The basis of this spiritual law is "as it is physically so it is spiritually", if a person feels blocked physically in life then a person is blocked spiritually, if a person has bad friends then one may have misleading bad spiritual souls in one's AURA - "bad Angels" - whereas if one has good trustworthy and sincerely loving friends then likewise spiritually - one has good spiritual souls and Guardian Angels which will ensure one is always guided along the correct pathway and never make mistakes - because your intuitive instincts can be trusted - as you AURA is good and cleansed from the bad "spiritual" garbage.

Therefore, be careful with every word you speak, the prayers you pray, knowing that the words you use will have an affect on your spiritual Guardian Angels. By using the correct words in your life you will improve yourself spiritually and thereby be worthy of exceptionally good Guardian Angels, whom will come close to you to enhance your life on a pathway of spiritual growth. The freewill choice is yours.

This is one of the main reasons I always recommend readers to repeat the words - Thank you GOD - thank you GOD - thank you GOD - many times - as it puts good energy into your AURA - and obliterates the bad energies - because you're showing gratitude for the gift of life. "THANK YOU GOD" is the best thing to say first thing in the morning as soon as you wake up as it shifts any negative energies out of your AURA and starts your day perfectly. It sends a message into your spiritual AURA of the way you want to go and the types of spiritual energies you want in your AURA.


"In the Way You Wish to go in Life...

So You will be Led by Your Guardian Angels"



This printed passage is from the famous Rabbi Eidels known as the MAHARSHA מהרשא, born in Krakow, Poland - who lived at the same period of time as Reb Chaim Vital (Maharsha lived from 1555-1631) [the above is quoted from the Talmud Makkos 10B], the above explains; In the way you wish to go in life, so you will be led by your Guardian Angels.

The Maharsha Rabbi Shlomo Edels explains, that every action, word and thought that you do in this world creates an angel, through the spiritual energy you create - so if you really want something good to happen in your life, then the angelic good angels created with kindness, loving thoughts and honest words that you've attracted to you by your good thoughts, words and actions will indeed HELP YOU and LEAD you to your goal.


Your Aura is defined by Your "Guardian Angels"

Whatever and whoever is in your AURA - defines the spiritual energy of what and who you are.


There's a saying - "you" are what you think about - well, in your AURA contains energies - both astrologically, spiritually and karmically - your AURA has specific definitions of what it is, what it wants, what it can do, and what it refuses to do. Your AURA ensures that you're constantly attracted to everything and everyone that your karmic destiny wants you to be attracted to - whilst it ensures you're protected from and disconnected from everything your karma has NOTHING to do with.

WHATEVER and WHOEVER gets you emotional - both positively and negatively - is defined in your AURA through both your karma and through your astrological energies that is necessary in your life. Your AURA gets you to DO things that your DESTINY has defined - and it does this by attracting the circumstances into your life.

When you search the internet for answers and one evening you arrived at this website - it was your AURA that attracted you here - whilst other people's aura ensured they never read this website - that too is destiny defining what each and everyone's AURA needs at the specific time they need it.

The reason WHY your attracted to some things and other things you totally ignore is because your AURA is making it happen for you - the DIVINE presence has given you the energy in your AURA and amongst your SoulGroup to make things happen for you. The inexplicable attraction is karmic and is thanks to your Spiritual Helpers and Guardian Angels ensuring inexplicable things "just" happen.


Instantaneous Magnetic Attraction is

the Spiritual Energy of one's "Guardian Angels"


Soulmates and all people whom you are "destined" to meet - similarly all "destined" events in one's life - have been created with an instantaneous inexplicable magnetic energy of attraction to each other, as the relationship is "destined" and important in your life.

The reason for this inexplicable magnetic attraction between two people is that their individual AURIC energies - their spiritual helpers and their Guardian Angels on the spiritual plane - recognize the need for two people to be together so they create the energy of magnetic attraction to bring them together for the date-with-destiny.

Wrong Relationships Always Fail - diverging and different AURIC energies are the reasons why "wrong" relationships, wrong lovers and marriages end - because each of the individual's Spiritual Helpers - Guardian Angels are conflicting with the other persons Spiritual Helpers - Guardian Angels; destiny has decided it must karmically END - and therefore creates energies in both individuals AURA's which become incompatible on a spiritual level and hence eventually they end up conflicting in their AURIC levels which leads to conflict and separation on a physical level.

A "sign" for this is that there are conflicts, disharmony and imbalances in the relationship and very often a person enjoys having "SPACE" away from the other - because in the auric "space" a person feels enlivened and happy for this freedom - because one's spiritual helpers are enlivened and happy.

True soulmates always need and enjoy being together all the time. Once the wrong person is out of one's life, some good fortune always happens in a persons life, as a spiritual sign that one is now on the correct pathway and free from that "negative" person.

Everyone believes in "SIGNS" which give good omens to one's soul which is living in this real physical world that one is with the right person doing the right thing and at the right destined time. If one feels "uncomfortable" or misfortune happens where it has not happened before, then take this as a sign and you need to have "closure" - please run away from them !

Once one has "closure" from "draining" people, a positive energy of excitement and "aliveness" is given by one's Guardian Angels, this is because one's soul is "blocking success" when one is with bad people and in bad auric energies of being in the wrong place with the wrong people. The more sensitive a person is - the stronger the "blocking energy" caused by other peoples AURA is defined through one's Spiritual Helpers - Guardian Angels.


You've always got "Guardian Angels"


The basic fundamental key is to know that NO-ONE is alone, everyone has the ability to connect with one's Spiritual Helpers - Guardian Angels - anytime - anyday - because "they" are always - in your AURA - in the SPACE around you.

Knowing that your Spiritual Helpers - Guardian Angels are always with you and will always support and LOVE you because they are on your side and will always want to help you, they've lived "life" - so they know what "life" is all about - even the difficulties and desires you have. And no matter how many opponents or difficulties you may have in life - your Guardian Angels will help YOU as much as they possibly can, they do this out of LOVE for you and desire to help you maximize your spiritual potential in life.

Your Guardian Angels are working together with you and all the souls of your soulgroup to ensure your life succeeds. Karma - means you have karmic work to do - and in order to get the right help - you have to ACCEPT the karma - and always remember to THANK GOD, the Eternal Divine Spiritual World of Souls and your guardian angels for the help you receive every moment of every day of your life as implied from this following anecdote .....



One night a man had a dream. He dreamed he was walking along the beach with is Guardian Angel. Across the sky flashed scenes from his life. For each scene, he noticed two sets of footprints in the sand; one belonging to him and the other to the Guardian Angel.

When the last scene of his life flashed before him, he looked back at the footprints in the sand. He noticed that many times along the path of his life there was only one set of footprints. He also noticed that it happened at the very lowest and saddest times in his life.

This really bothered him and he questioned his Guardian Angel about. "Guardian Angel, you said that once I decided to listen to you for guidance, you'd walk with me all the way. But I have noticed that during the most troublesome times in my life, there is only one set of footprints. I don't understand why when I needed you most you would leave me."

The Guardian Angel replied, "My precious child, I Love you and would never leave you. During your times of trial and suffering, when you see only one set of footprints, it was then that I carried you."


"Acceptance" & "Gratitude"

Creates Strong Divine Auric Energies

People who complain about "life" - people who are ungrateful for the gift of life - are creating their own problems and their own bad karma - because a person's AURA needs to be at PEACE with oneself - in order to be wholesome - and the only way to be at PEACE is to ACCEPT everything in one's life. Acceptance is the spiritual way that you AGREE with your destiny, you AGREE with your karma and your AGREE with DIVINE REASONS for whatever is happening in your life.

Ofcourse, you can change - but first you need to ACCEPT whatever you have in your life with happiness - then your AURA can have the peace it needs to start to move "old" pieces out of your life and "new" pieces into your life. Acceptance is your way of AGREEING with your karmic status. Acceptance is the first step to harmonize your life with your destiny and your karmic reality. Because the biggest mistake people make is they REFUSE to ACCEPT that they karmically deserve any of the problems they have.

Through ACCEPTANCE you create HARMONY in your AURA - and that's when your spiritual helpers / Guardian Angels - can then begin their work to WORK WITH you - to elevate your existence from earthly dead-end nonsense to becoming spiritually enlightened.



Your 5 Best Karmic Friends

Every Karmic Situation and Karmic Emotion has a Spiritual Karmic Solution


Whatever the inexplicable karmic situation you are in - with all the emotions it's creating in your mind and aura - is a destined karmic problem - and therefore "normal" solutions won't work - it is in need of a spiritual karmic solution.

Therefore you'll need the help of your karmic friends - the "Moon", the guarantee "Destiny" made to you before you were born, your "Guardian Angels", all people from your "Soulgroup" and all your "Soulmates".

You might "think" you are ALONE and have NO-ONE to help you - but that's not true - YOU ARE NEVER ALONE - as you have 4 karmic facets which means - you have SUPPORT - you have HELP - you have STRENGTH - and you will have the ability to solve your karmic problem - all you need to do is SEARCH and ASK the Universe FOR HELP - and it will be given.



סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם