The Spiritual Writings of ספר סודי סודות

סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם

The Book of Reincarnations - Sefer Gilgulim ספר גילגולים

written, intuited and explained by author of ספר סודי סודות

The Power of the Moon סוד הלבנה

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The Hidden Karmic Power of the Moon is unequalled to anything else in this Physical World


The reality of life on Earth is that whilst there's a visible, tangible and physical dimension to the world - there's simultaneously an invisible, inexplicable emotional and spiritual dimension to all our lives. Some call it "astrology" - others call it "human instinct" - and others call it "magic" - whilst others have no idea what "it" is but the fact is that the - INEXPLICABLE and INVISIBLE - has more control over our lives than the physical, the logical and what you'd expect people to do if they didn't have "emotions". For everyone is driven by a cause-and-effect to make decisions and do things - based one's feelings and emotions. Almost every relationship you have with everyone you know has been created by an INEXPLICABLE and INVISIBLE energy that has made you become connected. You don't even know WHY - and it's not important to know WHY - except to accept that it's INEXPLICABLE and INVISIBLE energy that makes you do things.

All the personal destined events and karmic events of your life happen and are created by INEXPLICABLE and INVISIBLE hidden energies that make you do things and then makes things happen in your life. Even though most of the day-to-day events can be predicted by "logic" - they too are still influenced by an INEXPLICABLE and INVISIBLE energies.


Nothing Can be Done Without "Emotions"

It is a fact of life - just like the Moon exists and is a vital necessary part of the existence to all life on Earth - NOTHING can ever be accomplished nor done - unless your "emotions" are involved, connected and in-tune with your karmic destiny and the collective destiny of the world.

That's why - your very "best" friend is the Moon - because astrologically it is - "the Moon" that makes, creates and triggers your emotions - each and every day as explained on Moon Astrology - as it aspects other planets and creates emotional energies - which are available for you to receive.

Everytime you FEEL an emotional energy - and whatever the emotional energy is - you should know it is a karmic GIFT of ENERGY - what you choose to do with that energy is your freewill choice - you can either get negatively upset - positively excited OR convert the INEXPLICABLE and INVISIBLE energy into making a VISIBLE REAL change with your life.

The biggest source of these INEXPLICABLE and INVISIBLE energies is the energy created each and everyday by the Astrological energies created by the Moon. Unlike astrological energies of the other planets - the Moon - creates EMOTIONAL energies - both as it makes aspects to other planets, to the Sun, and to your own individual astrological chart - to the extent that you can predict your own monthly cycle - that you get positively hot, extrovert and excited during Moon in Aries, Leo & Sagittarius; you become quiet, introvert and peaceful during Moon in Pisces, Cancer & Scorpio; you become lively and communicative during Moon in Aquarius, Gemini & Libra; whilst you become serious, focused and determined during Moon in Taurus, Virgo & Capricorn.

Whilst New Moon's always bring you a freshness and clarity that something "New" is going to be happening in your life - you know that Full Moon's will always bring you a boost of energy that will keep you awake, unsettled and actually force you to do something with all the energy it generates.

Depending on your yearly cycle - you can predict each and every month - WHAT will be defined in that lunar month - although you don't know exactly what your emotions will make you do - you know you will feel them and then be driven to do something - especially at each New Moon and each Full Moon. The lack of emotional energies, receiving intense emotions and the exactness of emotional energies - defines your bonds, reasons and strength of your relationships to everything and everyone in your life.


The Moon makes you become EMOTIONAL

Hence the Moon is an instrument of karmic destiny to ensure you change and complete your destiny


Even a non-believing atheist - cannot deny the scientific real fact that the power of the Moon has an INEXPLICABLE ability to create real events in the world - based on the creation of INVISIBLE EMOTIONAL energies - which force and make people do things.

Why do you think you fall-in-love and desire to have a relationship with someone - meanwhile you ignore everyone else and fall-out-of-love? What attracts you to want to do some things - and what drives your emotional desires to accomplish some things - whilst keeping you away from doing others things ? What makes you want to eat some things and keeps you away from other things? What makes you want to live somewhere - whilst making you want to stay away from and keeps you away from some other places ?

All these questions - whilst defined by the way you FEEL - and your emotions towards WANTING and DESIRING - the answers are always INEXPLICABLE and often illogical - based on your mood and your feelings - but the TRUTH is it is your DESTINY and KARMA ensuring you keep to and stick to your destined plan.

It does this by relying on the MOON to convey the karmic and destined messages to your soul - each and everyday - each and every New Moon - each and every Full Moon - in fact each and every moment - whenever you need to be guided to ensure you're living the destined life plan you're supposed to be living. It gives you GOOD feelings to do some things and gives you BAD feelings to avoid doing other things.

All these emotional feelings created by the Moon's energies - are INEXPLICABLE and INVISIBLE - yet they define WHY you make the choices you make - and DO what you're destined to do.



The Moon סוד הלבנה

Connects the Physical to the Spiritual

The Moon's energies - are totally INEXPLICABLE and INVISIBLE - and yet the unpredictable predictable moods that the Moon will create to - put you in a specific "mood" with specific "feelings" that ONLY YOU FEEL - is what actually guides you to make decisions and do specific things in your life - based on either the good feelings and/or the bad feelings you receive - which therefore defines that the MOON is actually your karmic best friend as you can always depend on the Moon to sort your life out by guiding you.

The emotional "guidance" you receive from the Moon - and it's astrological energies which it creates in your aura are the same fundamental reasons why the INEXPLICABLE and INVISIBLE energies defined by your own karmic destiny - [determined by your "astrological" chart], your own spiritual "Guardian Angels" and by every energy that sits in your aura from all the people in your "Soulgroup" and their influencing thought-energies - that collectively ensures your physical life is always connected to your spiritual karmic destiny - to ensure you live the life you're destined to live and accomplish it too.

This does not mean you have NO freewill - but it does mean that you'll always have opportunities and dates-with-destiny to constantly SYNC your reality with your karmic destiny - to connect your physical reality with your karmic spiritual purpose - and if you've strayed from your destined pathway OR if ever you feel LOST - you'll always get the HELP you need to put you back on the right destined pathway from the Moon.


The Power of the Moon

& It's Profound Connection to Karmic Reincarnation

I'll tell you the TRUTH - I have no idea why the Moon has a profound spiritual karmic connection - but it does - it's one of the mysteries of life and the fact that Moon's energies are totally INEXPLICABLE - ILLOGICAL to reasoning - and a total MYSTERY - actually VALIDATE the spirituality of the Moon's energies to be extra-ordinary.

The Moon conveys, creates and makes each and everyone become emotional - it's energies does something for everyone and yet fundamentally different for each and everyone on Earth. On a day when the Moon makes you loving - it makes YOU love the person you're destined to LOVE - and simultaneously creates an emotionally passionate and stronger LOVING energy to all relationships amongst everyone else on Earth that resonate to the emotional love energy that the Moon creates on that specific day.The real-life experiences it creates are the same and yet uniquely different for everyone. This fact of Moon Astrology that everyone sees and experiences every day of our lives defines that the Moon has an INEXPLICABLE KARMIC power to relate to - to communicate with - and to guide EACH individual - whilst having the collective ability to influence everyone on Earth. How it does this - is a secret karmic mystery - and a fact of life that the Moon's INVISIBLE and INEXPLICABLE energies makes you manifest things in real life and guides the events of your life.


This extract of hebrew text is taken from the spiritual teachings of holy spiritual soul Rabbi Elimelech of Lizhensk from his book the "Noam Elimelech". There is a karmic spiritual reason - why I've quoted the original text - because true spiritual wisdom applies to all people of the world - irrespective of religion, who you are and where you are. In the same way the Moon influences EVERYONE on Earth - is the same way that the DIVINE GOD influences everyone because the DIVINE life is within everything and everyone on Earth.

True spirituality is inclusive of everyone - because GOD is in EVERYONE and in EVERYTHING - because EVERYTHING is GOD's creation.

The power of the Moon is able to communicate, steer and guide everyone - through an INEXPLICABLE TRANSFERENCE of INVISIBLE energy - and it does this because the circle of life - enables it to do so - because the DIVINE and KARMIC spiritual soul that resides inside you and that defines you - is connected to the KARMIC flow of INVISIBLE energy from the Moon.

This hebrew text from "Noam Elimelech" explains that when you see BLOSSOM on a tree in spring - it's beautiful to see with your eyes - but "blossom" is only the beginning of cycle to actual fruit growing on the tree. Likewise, seeing the NEW MOON each and every month is only the beginning of the cycle before something REAL manifests in your life. It is a fact of life.


At specific karmic dates-with-destiny throughout your life - it's the emotional energies created by the Moon - and specifically by New Moon's and Full Moon's that define what happens in your life. When something important, destined, karmic and big needs to happen in your life - it is the Moon that creates the necessary emotional energies to support you and it is the Moon which awakens you to do what you need to do. "Why?" you might logically ask - I have no idea - all I know is the Moon has a karmic destined job to do and magically it does it.

"Why?" - "Why?" - "Why?" do you love someone and don't love others; "Why?" do you want to live somewhere specific and not anywhere else; "Why?" you want to do, pursue and achieve something's - "Why?" do you desire something's and dislike other things - "Why?" do you believe in some things and other things you sense are nonsense and disbelieve in.

All the "Why's?" in your life are all INEXPLICABLE karmic energies that are defined by YOU - through your emotions and redefined daily and monthly by the lunar Moon Astrology energies - during each karmic phase of your life.

INEXPLICABLY you are constantly being driven to WANT to be somewhere, doing something and with someone - the emotional energies are always driving your life FORWARD - and yet technically you should be happy where you are doing what you're doing but the INEXPLICABLE emotional energies which are always illogical and yet clearly right for you - as you know, sense and feel it's right for you - are constantly driving your life FORWARD. That's because YOU have a karmic destined mission in your life - and until it's complete - you'll always be driven FORWARD by your emotions.

When it comes to explaining the reason "Why?" - no-one can explain "Why?" - because the "Why?" is an INEXPLICABLE karmic feeling - guiding and ensuring that everyone does what they're destined to do.


The Moon is "The Secret" to Reconnecting to your Destiny

Whenever, you're "lost" - you either need a map OR you need to find a place that "you know" where you are. For example, when you go on holiday to a new place, you carry a map, look for the signposts OR ask the way from helpful strangers.

"Spiritually" speaking when you are LOST and LONELY in your life - you need HELP - and you need to connect with something or someone who is destined to be in your life. To know the person takes "time" - but the Moon is always available to help and guide you.

Not only is the Moon the secret messenger to know what your destiny is in this lifetime but the MOON has been in existence in every one of your past life times - and whenever you look up to the Moon at night - it's the same MOON that has always existed. The light and energy it gives you - will bring your inspiration, energy and guidance. It's inexplicable "Why?" - but so is almost everything else that's vitally important and destined in your life!

Whether or not you believe it - the Moon has an energy that "communicates" emotional energies to your soul, to your mind and to your thoughts. It was in existence in ALL your past-lives and is the starting point for you to understand your spiritual journey of life. So whenever you're LOST - go and ask your oldest karmic friend - the Moon for emotional guidance ....


Any Emotion is better than NO Emotion

"The day you wake up and feel NO emotional energy - is the day you're DEAD!"


There are many people who wish that they didn't feel any emotional energies - especially when they end relationships and feel the anger, jealousy, pain and anguish that the "end" of relationships creates. But, believe me, the fact that you have feelings and your emotions are present is a GOOD SIGN.

The greatest of souls are indeed the MOST EMOTIONAL souls - because it is the strength and the fullness of one's soul to FEEL the maximum EMOTIONAL energy - whether that emotional energy is positive or negative. So when it hurts you - and when you feel the EMOTIONAL PAIN - say "THANK YOU GOD" - because feeling every and any emotion is actually a HUGE blessing.

Unfortunately, in this generation - instead of embracing, accepting and receiving all the emotional energies - people do stupid things - like "doing drugs" and drinking "alcohol" - in order to SUPPRESS and BLOCK the emotional energies.

The enlightened moment [as you read this] is when you truthfully realize and accept that being EMOTIONAL is a karmic GIFT - then instead of REFUSING to accept the gift or numbing it's energy by "drink and drugs" - you will embrace it and absorb it's maximum energy - then you'll be able to "deal" with it - this moment is when you achieve a status beyond the apparent "Physical" dimension - and you become spiritually enlightened.

Most modern psychologists define that "overcoming the "barrier" of fear is when you EMBRACE your fears" - instead of being frightened of them you ACCEPT them and learn to live with them. Hence, embrace all your emotional energies and recognize that "emotional" moments - are great moments of karmic gifts to your soul. These moments could be triggered by "people" - but more often than not - they are created "astrologically" by the astrological energy of the Moon - the aspects the Moon makes - the star sign it transits - and when it becomes a "Full Moon" at maximum strength.


During a Complete 30 Day Lunar Cycle

"Once a Month" You Acquire in Your Aura

Each One of these emotions .... and many more inexplicable emotions too !



"Plutchik's chart of emotions"

Do you remember the last time you felt each one of the above emotions ?

It is a reality that you've felt each one of the above emotions at least ONCE in the past 30 days


It is an astrological fact that - during every 30 day lunar cycle - the Moon makes numerous aspects with your BirthChart - which means the Moon's energies is igniting and giving you energy - each one of the above emotional energies at least ONCE a month.

Many people whom are sad and depressed - focus their aura on sadness, grief and depression - but that doesn't mean to say they don't get moments of and opportunities for ecstatic happiness - but they choose to BLOCK the good emotions and focus on the bad emotions. Conversely an enlightened soul - will feel joy, happiness and contentment most of the time - but that doesn't mean they don't have moments of anger and sadness - it's just they choose to overcome the anger and ignore those annoying moments.


What Energy defines "You" Today ?

What Emotional Energy Are You Made-Up-Of NOW ?

What Emotional Energies can you CREATE in your aura NOW ?

Take a few moments and focus on ANY ONE of the energies above - I'm sure you can THINK for 20 seconds and instill ANY ONE of the above energies. If you want to get angry - think of your "ex" ; if you want to become happy - think of a happy moment in your life ; if you want to become frightened - think of something you'd be scared to do - like parachuting out of a plane ; if you want to feel emotional energy of love - think of the last time you had "sex" with someone who loved you - as everyone you have sex with - "loves you" at that moment !

It is possible - with concentration - to sit nor - at your computer and become emotional based on your past experiences - just by "thinking back" to your own personal past experiences in this lifetime - triggers your emotions that are embedded in your "thoughts".


The Greatest Energy in the World is Love

The greatest energy in the whole world is the emotional energy of Love - there's nothing greater ...

EVERYONE - has the gift to create "LOVE" - at any moment of any day anywhere in the World.


Now I know you might not talk about this or even want to admit this - but it is a FACT of LIFE and human instinct that everyone thinks of "sex" at least once everyday - [some more often than once a day]. It is a natural desire for man to want a woman - and a woman to want a man - and everyone who's had a sexual relationship you know what it's all about so the mystery of sex is no longer a mystery - but after the relationship has ended - it doesn't stop you thinking with sexual energies each and everyday men for women and women for men - which is the fundamental EMOTIONAL LOVE energy between all men and all women in the world - which is the source of the creation of all life in the world. Without the power of LOVE - nothing would be created in this world.

You can't deny its' power nor its' influence in your life - the essence which is created through YOUR EMOTIONS - inexplicable and invisible emotional LOVING energies - define from "nothing" that "something" wonderful can be created - at it's highest form - the very gift of life itself and at it's lowest form - at least a smile from someone you pass in the street.

Indeed, when you smile at others and think loving thoughts towards them or even "think LOVE" into the ether of the World - towards GOD - to the Divine creator of the whole world and the giver of life - the emotional LOVE energy you create transforms your aura - because it heals, connects and makes you a more wholesome person and a much happier person too.


The Worst Energy in the World is Hatred

The worst energy in the whole world is the Emotional Energy of HATE - there's nothing worse than hatred.

Because it sticks and lodges itself in one's aura and in one's persona causing people to do inexplicably BAD things

Deeply embedded "Hatred" is then carried over WITHIN one's soul from lifetime to lifetime


Past Life Karmic Energies Defines

Inexplicable LOVE and Inexplicable HATE

Past-life karmic energies sit within your spiritual soul - and hence if you've inexplicable LOVE or inexplicable HATRED for anything or anyone - and likewise if someone has inexplicable LOVE or inexplicable HATRED for you - then it is karmic - carried over from past-life karmic experiences.

We've all got "them" - things, places and people you LOVE - without any reason you LOVE them - and they LOVE you - defined as good karma. And then there are things, places and people you HATE - again without any logical reason you HATE and/or they HATE you - defined as past-life bad karma.

ANYTHING and ANYONE you have emotional feelings towards - either LOVE or HATE - peace or annoyance - means you have a karmic purpose for the connection with them and you need to work on healing the karma that's lodged in your AURA. The moment when you feel NOTHING - absolutely NOTHING - means you're wholesome - but if you have any of hatred towards anything or anyone - it defines BAD karma that needs healing in your soul and the badness sits in your AURA.

The reason I emphasize the fact that the BAD KARMA sits in your AURA - is it is this BAD KARMA created by HATRED and NEGATIVITY that creates more BAD things to happen in your life - grumpy, miserable, sad and people with "bad" karma - always attract more BAD things to happen to them - because their AURA emits their BAD KARMA - and makes BAD things "come" to them - like a magnet.

That's why "omens" and "signs" - are symbolic - by the fact that the person has attracted a "bad" omen - because they are not healing their BAD karma - and before something manifests in REAL life - they receive a "warning" and a "sign".

Conversely, when you have GOOD KARMA that sits in your AURA - it is the reason why good people come into your life - and why you attract good experiences into your life - happy, content, loving and compassionate people with "good" karma - always attract GOOD things to happen to them.

Now you might think - you're 100% perfect, cleansed and 100% wholesome karmically - but it's a fact of life that NONE of us are perfect - and we all have things to "work" on - that's why we're alive to "work" on ourselves and making ourselves "spiritually wholesome". In fact I always say that ..... "people who THINK they're 100% perfect have more karmic work to do - than people who KNOW they're not perfect".


Power of the Moon is it's 30 Day Cycle

The Power of the Moon - means that in any 30 day period - the Moon triggers things to happen with both positive and negative reactions from WITHIN you - indicating what the specific karmic work you need to do each month to heal your soul.

Similarly, in each phase of your life - you will be "Given" karmic work to do on healing your soul - all these specific events during each phase of your life - will be triggered by your stage in life - and the Moon Astrology pertaining to each day of every month of the year.

During every lunar cycle from New Moon => Full Moon => New Moon - defines a specific karmic task that everyone is given - and as you realize by now - that each month is different - with GOOD months and DIFFICULT months during the year - depending your astrological star sign of your Sun and your Moon. Additionally - within each month - there are periods when Moon transits specific star signs that bring out the BEST in you and other periods that bring out the WORST in you.

The karmic purpose of the Power of the Moon each and every month - is to bring out the inexplicable HIDDEN emotions from WITHIN you - both the inexpicable GOOD EMOTIONS of GOOD KARMA and the inexplicable BAD EMOTIONS of BAD KARMA - and then challenge you to comprehend WHY you have such inexplicable feelings.

The fact that the Moon transits EVERY STAR sign - means that EVERY facet is dealt with once-a-month - and the fact that the Moon's energies oscillate between YIN and YANG - introvert and extrovert - GIVE and RECEIVE - New Moon and Full Moon - means that you have variety in your life - and thereby "everything" always changes. It is your freewill choice - what you do with the energies - use them to your advantage OR fight against them.

When you learn to LOVE the Moon - and LOVE what the Moon does for you - and LOVE how the Moon triggers your EMOTIONS to come ALIVE - you're actually becoming part of a harmonious ONENESS that it Eternally DIVINE which creates GOOD KARMA in your aura - and you'll actually BEGIN to ENJOY LIFE. But if you HATE the Moon and HATE what the Moon does to you - by making you emotional - then you're refusing to ACCEPT life - and refusing to ACCEPT the karmic message it has for you - the refusal to accept creates BAD KARMA in your aura.


Full Moon's Are Very Powerful

Full Moon's have the power to change your life because it OPENS your emotions and TURNS YOU ON emotionally - Full Moon's have the power to take people to a "breaking" point of negativity, then open and liberate people to WANT LIFE - with an urgent desire to WANT to LIVE LIFE to the fullest.

When people are CLOSED emotionally and when people are DEPRESSED - then NOTHING good can be attained - whereas when people are OPENED emotionally and when people are HAPPY - great things can then happen in a person's life. Each Full Moon has the power to create the most powerful emotional energy - and wherever there is power - there are karmic opportunities to heal and transform your life.

Each and every Full Moon defines ONE specific facet of your nature that will be awakened - it will disturb you because that EMOTION you thought was DEAD - is actually ALIVE - and wants to be ALIVE in order to help you move your life forward with a DESIRE to WANT to LIVE life to the fullest.

The Full Moon will always disturb, stimulate and invigorate - thereby ensures you can't avoid, be lazy and "do nothing" - because in fact "laziness" means "death" - and the Full Moon defines LIFE with the DESIRE to want to LIVE LIFE to the fullest of your ability. The worst thing you can do when you feel INTENSE emotional energies is - take "drugs" or have an "alcoholic" drink or "smoke" or do anything that suppresses the emotional energies.

Because ALL emotional energies - whatever they are - are GOOD for you - even fears, tears and grief are KARMIC GIFTS that enliven your aura with emotional energies - and thereafter you can always shift the energies to become happy, loving and joyful. But people who feel NOTHING and do things to ensure they feel NOTHING - by numbing or suppressing the emotional energies - are REJECTING the karmic energies and REJECTING the karmic gifts that the Moon is creating.


The Moon is Your Karmic Best Friend

In fact, anyone who brings out the best and the worst in you are your karmic best friends - as I explain on "Soulgroup" and "Soulmates" - even someone who was exceedingly troublesome, difficult, annoying and abusive - in this lifetime and from any past -lifetime - could easily be one of your "Karmic Soulmates" - as they succeeded to create the worst and the best energies in your life.

Anyone who creates ANY type of emotional energy in your life - has a meaningful karmic purpose in your life - and only when you learn the karmic lesson - pass the test of "bad" karma - then they're eliminated from your life - and you can progress forward to karmic wholesomeness.

Therefore, you'll now comprehend that ANYTHING and ANYONE that creates EMOTIONAL energies - are actually your karmic best friends - and what better friend can you have than the Moon - that creates through the astrological energies powerful inexplicable emotions in your aura which manifest and creates REAL energy in your REAL life !

This indeed is the definition of GOOD karma - creating "something" from "nothing" - and the Moon has done "it" for you - from an inexplicable "nothingness" - the Moon and "you" have created "something" from "nothing" in REAL life.


Inexplicable Past-Life Karmic Emotions

If you've ever been "back" to a place that is connected with your "past-life" then you know what I'm referring to - this is especially true in Europe - as there are deeply profound and inexplicable emotional energies of particular cities and places that will reconnect your current life with your "past-life".

Wherever you are in the world and whatever you feel is INEXPLICABLE - is probably a karmic emotions - therefore you always have the Moon - your karmic best friend to look up to and ask for guidance - as you receive emotional energies - especially in the peace and quiet of the night-time - now you "know" that every emotion you're receiving is created through the karmic power within the Moon and it's ability to OPEN your deepest emotions in order for you to HEAL every part of your soul - and in order for you to HEAL every facet of your past-lives too.


How to Handle the Intense Emotions

Survive the Karmic Storm of Emotions by Breaking and Crushing

the Negativity - through Acceptance, Laughing & Giggling !

If you've ever been caught in a torrential downpour - at the beginning you try to keep dry and try to fight getting wet - by using an umbrella - but there comes a point - if you've been caught in heavy rain - that you just GIVE UP and stop fighting the futile attempt to keep dry. At that moment when you GIVE UP - usually you just BURST OUT LAUGHING.

The reason for LAUGHTER at very intense stressful moments of life - is you're GIVING UP on the PAST - and you're GIVING UP on holding onto energies that define YOUR EGO - you're actually liberating yourself from negativity, from worries and from fears that belong in the PAST - and therefore in karmically releasing the PAST - GIVING UP means you're no longer holding onto any negativity that belongs to the PAST - which means you're cleansed and FREE to live in the FUTURE.

Ironic isn't it - whilst you try to fight the elements - you're stressed and intense - and when you "give-up" - "accept" - "AGREE" - you might GET SOAKED, DRENCHED and WET down-to-the-bone - but you feel cleansed - as you burst out giggling and laughing when you arrived "home" indoors and out of the rain. The acceptance and give-up moment is the "karmic turning point" and is exactly what's destined to happen in everyone's life between 2008 => 2024 whilst Pluto transits karmic Capricorn.

The karmic reason for LAUGHTER at the critical destined "turning" point of your life - is that your soul feels that FINALLY - the karmic message has finally got through to you - you've crossed the line - and now you're liberated from past-life karma.

Everyone will have a karmic "Turning point" - and that will come when - you ACCEPT LIFE and GIVE UP holding onto something - in fact at the "turning point" - after momentarily getting angry, frustrated and doing temper-tantrum - all you will do is LAUGH and GIGGLE - even if you're an uptight type - destined events will be orchestrated for you to LET GO of the PAST - cleanse yourself from all the negativity, fears and worries that belong in the PAST - so that you can embrace the FUTURE.

Thereafter there comes a spiritual period in your life - full of serenity and calmness after the storm - as you've been cleansed of all the negativity - you can now embrace everything that is truly destined to be yours - and build a new future for yourself.


When you feel you're not "in control" ....

.... then you're actually on the destined karmic pathway to success

Everyone has freewill choice - or so it would seem - but I assume that many intelligent readers are asking themselves - if astrology maps everything out in our lives - and everything is FIXED - so what on Earth do "we" actually do.

The truth is IF we were in SYNC with our destiny every moment of the day - then we would be following a destined fixed pathway - but there are lessons we need to learn - both maturing, karmic and evolving to an age of collective enlightenment - and hence we're given predictable choices to make - and then there are moments when we choose to stray from our destined pathway - that too is destined - in order to learn and grow.

However, the greatest moment of spiritual growth is when you honestly and truly feel you're not "in control" and you've given up on your persona, your EGO, your desires and wishes - then you're actually more in tune with DESTINY than when you attempt to take "control" of your life. The reason for the greatness is you are HUMBLE, OPEN and able to LISTEN to karma.

I know that it's often the poorest people who are the ones who are most OPEN spiritually - to listen and grow - whereas materialistically-minded earthly people - are ignorant - as they refuse to be interested in, ignore and BLOCK anything "spiritual" to come into their thoughts and lives.

Destiny has a plan for them too - but that's no longer your problem as becoming spiritually enlightened means you STOP comparing your life with other people's lives. Hence you stop being jealous and stop wanting things that other people have.


Thank you "Moon" - Thank you "Moon"

When you realize how powerful the Moon is - and how the Moon is a wonderful unique Divine Creation of the Universe - you'll be transformed into a non-stop grateful mode to "GOD" - and thankful to the Moon for it's greatness to create emotional energies, energize your life with emotions and remember every karmic energy that it needs to give you - in order for you to accomplish your karmic destined purpose in this lifetime. And in keeping with my nature - in my prayers I constantly say - Thank you GOD - Thank you GOD for the Moon - Thank you GOD for the Moon - and Thank you "Moon" too for your help, strength and support !


Your 5 Best Karmic Friends

Every Karmic Situation and Karmic Emotion has a Spiritual Karmic Solution


Whatever the inexplicable karmic situation you are in - with all the emotions it's creating in your mind and aura - is a destined karmic problem - and therefore "normal" solutions won't work - it is in need of a spiritual karmic solution.

Therefore you'll need the help of your karmic friends - the "Moon", the guarantee "Destiny" made to you before you were born, your "Guardian Angels", all people from your "Soulgroup" and all your "Soulmates".

You might "think" you are ALONE and have NO-ONE to help you - but that's not true - YOU ARE NEVER ALONE - as you have 4 karmic facets which means - you have SUPPORT - you have HELP - you have STRENGTH - and you will have the ability to solve your karmic problem - all you need to do is SEARCH and ASK the Universe FOR HELP - and it will be given.



סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם