The Spiritual Writings of ספר סודי סודות

סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם

The Book of Reincarnations - Sefer Gilgulim ספר גילגולים

written, intuited and explained by author of ספר סודי סודות

Karmic Spiritual Secrets Revealed

Audio file is - [18] "The Gift of knowing your Karmic Secrets


You always get all the "secrets" and all "the answers" you need eventually at the exact destined time

Humanity is living at a destined time of enlightenment and many SpiritualSecrets are being revealed


There's no doubt in anyone's mind that we're living in truly amazing times with the "blessed karmic gift of the internet" - "something" inexplicable and karmic is happening to give our lives experiences that would have been impossible if not for the internet. However, there are "some" ignorant idiots that believe that life is still following normal protocol which did define the past 40 years since 1970's - however those people are delusional to think so - life is so inexplicable and events are unfolding so fast - that are redefining all our lives - almost on a weekly - if not daily basis.

Astrologically, the parameters of life changed when Pluto entered Capricorn in January 2008 - as Pluto's energies are depth, intensity, meaning and quality - which is a BIG contrast to the superficial, empty and the greedy "big-is-better" generational attitudes of 70's, 80's & 90's - in fact Pluto in Capricorn since 2008 - is the EXACT opposite and logically destined correction needed to change everything that "most" people have believed-in prior to 2008. Destiny is rearranging all our lives - and for many - it's happening - without even realizing what's truly going-on.

That's because - past-life karma makes you become drawn with inexplicable magnetism to do some "crazy", "illogical" and unusual things - and you do them without questioning - it's only AFTER the karmic experience - is when you QUESTION why you had such a BAD experience. No-one ever questions things when everything is going smoothly - especially when it's all happening so fast and with so much excitement. And even if you do ask questions - as you sense something isn't quite right - you NEVER listen to the honest answers - because your destiny and soul is driving you into the karmic experience - both to LEARN from the experience and to direct the course of your life.


Indeed that's the truth for MANY of you - in hindsight you always can see - that you had gut-feeling that something wasn't right - you "knew" it would fail - and yet you still went ahead. Your destiny pulled you to go-ahead in order to give you the karmic experience. You knew it was going to be BAD or unlucky for you - you were given "signs" and still you did it - the reason was because you were born to experience specific events - all part of your destiny - and you were destined to meet these experiences - even on the pathway you choose to avoid them - that's because your soul wanted them and needed them.

It would defeat the objective of "life" - if you knew all the "secrets" and all "the answers" - BEFORE your experiences - [in fact it would make some of your lives quite boring without these puzzling karmic experiences] - however, with the gift of hindsight - you always get to see all the answers and learn all the karmic secrets. Indeed, all of humanity is living at a destined time of great spiritual enlightenment and many SpiritualSecrets are being revealed and will continue to be revealed - the greatest of which are still to come.


Everything Karmic - sits in your Aura

Every relationship you've ever had with anyone in this lifetime and in all your past-lifetimes - sits in your aura - that includes parents - siblings - family - grandparents - teachers - friends - and lovers - each relationship creates energy that defines your AURA and your personality - some stronger than others - some negative - some positive - defined by the experiences they gave your soul - and the memory you have of them.

Everyone you've HATED and LOVED - sits in your aura - as an energy - in fact - and this is the important karmic point - everyone you've HATED and LOVED from ANY of your past lifetimes - sits in your Aura - and will define your inexplicable prejudices, emotions of love and hate - magnetic attractions to and repulsiveness for anything or anyone that your aura wants you to be attracted to and experience in this lifetime.

This lifetime - during Pluto in Capricorn 2008 => 2024 - you're going to encounter these karmic energies - and be forced by "life" to heal them. You won't even need to go looking for these experiences - as the "experiences" will find you - they're going to happen - whether you want them to happen or not !

That's because the karmic experiences are already part of "You"- even before the real life experience - because it is part of your soul - your past-life karma that's within you - and so - the ONLY way to move-on with your life - is to re-experience the experience and HEAL all the past-life karma.


You're Given the Strength to Deal with the Karma

Not only are the answers within you - but the strength of character is given to you to "deal" with the karma


You will always find-out the secrets when destiny determines is the right time for you to know the secrets. Could you imagine - if I'd tell you when you were 20 years old - you're going to have 6 loving relationships - 3 marriages - live in 10 different homes - in 5 different countries - for 2 years minimum in each place - have 2 children - 1 miscarriage - be completely homeless for a few weeks - used and abused by many people in the workplace - loose everything you have 3 times in your life - and finally at the end of all the bad karma - you'd then become the happiest version of yourself in the most loving relationship by the age of 45-50 - would you want to continue your life at the age of 20 - knowing all that would happen to you?

Whilst there's a happy ending - let us be honest that the painful reality of what many people in this generation go through - would make many of us - "Give-up" and yet people with difficult and complicated karma from many and multiple past-lives - you are given the strength and ability to survive.

Everyone is given BOTH the karmic events AND the strength to SURVIVE them and live-through the experiences. However, for the sake of experiencing all the necessary karmic events of past-life karma - some things MUST be kept secret from you - in order for you to continue "life"- to want to continue to live - and for you to get-through the karma.

Your soul pushes you to a limit - in order to "do" the karma. Many times you KNOW the truth - you sense the outcome - the end - but you deceive yourself, delude yourself and allow yourself to be deceived in order to experience the experience. Only when you've "done" the experience - and completed the karma - then the inexplicable feelings vanish.


PRIOR to Karmic Lessons you FEAR life

AFTER Karmic Lessons you LOVE life

Technically you don't need to go through the "experiences" - especially if your soul can learn the lesson through wisdom - but the truth is rarely do people LEARN and CHANGE their attitude to life UNLESS they have BAD experiences - you "know" you shouldn't do some things - and you're told not to - and yet - still you do - because you feel the destined karmic need to.


One thing I've noticed from many people is a distinct difference in people - PRIOR and AFTER karmic experiences. Prior to the karmic experiences your aura is nervy, fearful and panicky - you're not "at peace" with yourself - there's something "not right" - that is being emitted - that's the BAD KARMA is sitting in your aura - and it's not yet healed. It makes you "nervy" - because it makes you feel - you're living with an enemy - where the enemy is within yourself.

However, AFTER the karmic experiences - and when the karma is healed - through LOVE - FORGIVENESS - COMPASSION - the BAD karma is then completely detached from you - and therefore you're AT PEACE with yourself - you love life - you love everything in your life. Indeed because you've learnt the most important thing in life is to LOVE - you've realized that it is the LOVE that creates PEACE.

You might say BAD karma and karmic experiences are like exams - as "You always feel a BIG sense of relief AFTER you've taken the exams" - irrespective of the results - once the karmic moment has passed - it's defined an END to the experience. Once the karmic experience has ended - then all you need to do is LET-GO of the emotional energies by forgiving everyone involved.


The Karmic Secrets are Within You

You don't need to "run" away to find the karmic answers - you don't need to change the world

All the secrets and answers are within you ... you just don't realize you already know the answers


What you were in prior lifetime - where you lived in a prior lifetime - who you were in prior lifetime and why you've had the painful experiences and why you're having the experiences that you're currently having - is a karmic mystery.

Many of you will be lucky to find the answers in this lifetime - many of you already know the answers through your feelings, your intuition and sensitivity - although the truth is you have always known the answers inside you - and during Neptune in Pisces - from 2011 => 2025 - I believe that EVERYTHING will become clear to EVERYONE.

The ironically funny thing is that YOU will be the one to uncover your own karmic mysteries - no-one else will do it for you - as your soul becomes enlightened - you get the karmic gifts to realize your own truths - after healing and forgiving each karmic experience - you become more enlightened - and realize new things with karmic clarity - that is the gift of good karma.



Palmistry & Astrology defines Energies

One is for 100% certain and something you'll learn the more your spiritual good karma grows is - NOTHING happens by accident or coincidence - EVERYTHING happens for a reason - much of which is quite easily predictable through Palmistry and Astrology.


What you do - and - how you embrace the specific events of your life - is defined by your karma - your attitude and your stage of life. You can either EMBRACE your destiny with ACCEPTANCE - defined by LOVE and HAPPINESS for gift of life OR fight your destiny by a karmic REFUSAL, complaining attitude, arrogance and hatred for "your" life.


I've seen people do both - especially at Full Moon's - a karmic time of HUGE potential and great happiness - lunatics use Full Moon's to get very stressed and frustrated with "life". The Full Moon's always find a way to reveal the TRUTH about people. Full Moon's will make you choose between ACCEPTANCE and LOVING LIFE - OR - COMPLAINING and HATING LIFE.



It's your choice to ACCEPT and LOVE LIFE - OR - COMPLAIN and HATE LIFE

But whatever you choose - your "life" is going to happen anyway so you might as well ACCEPT and LOVE LIFE


Embrace Your Fears - Accept the Karma

I know many people - after reading GOOD LUCK and GOOD KARMA - will not understand that LOVE - defines your good luck and good karma - LOVING life and LOVING everyone is so unacceptable to selfish people - that they live and honestly believe that MONEY is the only reason to live. Those fools - are headed for a dead-end - as they will die - and all their wealth will be taken from them - that's always happens - no-one gets to live forever - and take their wealth with them.

Similarly, in every aspect of "life" - it's going to happen anyway - so you'd be far happier by embracing your fears and accepting the karma instead of denying it exists and having years of inexplicable difficult challenges ahead. But the bottom line is you will always meet your destiny - even on the pathway you chose to avoid it - therefore sooner or later - you'll have to deal with the BAD karma. So why not get-on with your life - with your destiny - and deal with it now - ACCEPT your karma - embrace life - love life - love every facet of life - even the difficulties - then you'll see with a change in your attitude - you too - can even enjoy the karmic challenges.


Law of Attraction of Opposites

What you fear the most - always happens ...



Ironically, PRIOR to your karmic experiences - you always FEAR something - because you sense it's coming and you sense it's going to happen - so you attempt to BLOCK your necessary life-experiences. In so doing - you actually BLOCK everything from happening in your life - and inexplicably something that's extremely important to you gets BLOCKED because you've taken evasive action to avoid something vitally important to your soul.

Therefore if you've been BLOCKED since Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008 - you will continue to be BLOCKED until you decide to UNBLOCK your own life - by doing what you know you need to do. The 3 Karmic Keys to unblocking all blockages is defined by those special karmic "relationships" - a need to FORGIVE specific people from the "past" - specific people from your past-lives. You see - you can forgive and love "new" people - but people with whom you have a DEEP karmic connection with - they are the people - your soul needs to deal with.

When you realize WHO and WHAT it is you're avoiding - WHO and WHAT it is you've run-away from - then you'll realize the karmic TRUTH - that you need to FORGIVE and LOVE those specific karmic people - before your life can move-forward.

In this modern world - it's so easy - to relocate to a different country - but when you "move" - if you've run-away from BAD KARMIC situations - then destiny will force you to deal with the karma - so if you truly want success - then FORGIVE the "past" - let-them-go out of compassion, forgiveness and love - otherwise your soul will still "force" you to be hurting and be blocked UNTIL - you've healed your karma.


All Karmic Secrets come from the Source - from within You - עץ הדעת

Solving Your Karmic Puzzle

Everyone KNOWS exactly what they need to do - because instinctively people RUN-AWAY from BAD karmic problems.

"World of Opposites" - defines that karmically you become awakened by inexplicable problems and opposing forces.


Whatever you HATE the most in your life - is BAD karma

Whoever and Whatever annoys you the most in your life - is BAD karma

Whatever is blocking your life is an energy of BAD karma

The clue is in whatever is paining you the most - is your specific answer to past-life BAD karma

Whatever and whoever brings out the WORST emotions of anger and hatred from within you - is BAD karma.

So HEAL the BAD karma - FORGIVE and LOVE all - they're only human and as humans we all make mistakes.


Astrologically Karmic Destiny has a TimeTable - for the whole world - defined by - Pluto in Capricorn - 2008 => 2024

Your past-life karma is revealed to you - what you need to do - what you need to heal - defined by Pluto in Capricorn - 2008 => 2024

Your past-life relationships healed will be healed specifically during Saturn in Sagittarius December 2014 => December 2017

Your past-life Karma Complete and wholesome during Saturn in Capricorn December 2017 => December 2020


Therefore, whether you want to avoid it or not - whether you like it or not - the next few years will be defined by inexplicable relationship energies - between you and other people - specific people whom you have a past-life connection that needs healing. You could be stupid and attempt to avoid relationships altogether - but that will only bring your life to a complete frustrating standstill - so embrace the destiny - embrace and heal the relationships and enjoy the gift of life.

There's one facet I must add about - past-life karmic relationships - is the HUGE contrast to normal relationships - and that's the energy you receive in the connection - as karmic relationships speak to your HIGHER soul as well as connecting you in this physical life too.


Your going to be in a Loving relationship

If you aren't already in a loving relationship - then you soon will be in a loving relationship - as past-life karma is about your relationships with specific people. Everyone has someone - and in many cases - depending on the number of karmic past-lives you've got unfinished karmic business to complete - you will have MANY relationships - strong relationships that will be soulmates too. So don't be confused when you find more than one soulmate coming into your life.

Many people - just want to know - when - what date and who with - but all you need to know is you will be in a loving relationship - because karmic destiny defines it. You've reincarnated in this generation to heal your soul - to love and to be loved. Although many people deceptively think "life" is about "money" and "earthly" things - they're so wrong - it's about loving relationships - a difficult lesson many are going to be learning by 2018.

Additionally I should add that ANY of you - who have no-one in your life - you're going to be surprised during Saturn in Sagittarius December 2014 => December 2017 - as destiny will bring all the right people into your life - and you will have the destined relationship you're truly destined to have. Just - don't make any silly karmic mistakes - that destroys the loving relationships - because it will then block other facets of your life - all you need to do is LOVE all, FORGIVE all and be compassionately understanding and loving to all.


Each facet of your past-lives is inclusive

In this karmic internet generation we understand concept of multi-faceted and multi-functional - even your "Phone" today - does emails, wakes you up, plays music and videos - contains books, tells the weather forecast. So you can comprehend that whilst your phone is still a phone to speak with - you accept - it does and deals with everything else too. Likewise, your individuality consists of ALL your past-lifetimes - all the collective experiences and relationships that define "you" - are all part of "you".


Your life is inclusive - and even though - some past-life facets will be forgotten - they're still part of "You" - and will need healing - if they've been damaged. Hence it is with this aspect I have to give you advice to be compassionate for all kinds of people - because the vast majority of people aren't really BAD - it's their life circumstances that makes them grumpy, negative and BAD - and when they're DEAD - they're harmless and can do evil anymore. Those people whom you have past-life BAD karma will need healing - how you do it - is up to you.


Indeed, no-one's afraid of Adolf Hitler today - he's dead - his life was evil and BAD - but now he's dead - there's no more fear created by him - and even pictures of him - creates a nothingness. He's garbage - a nasty piece of shit on the garbage dump of history - If I had written 75 years ago - that Adolf Hitler was an evil piece of shit - I'd be shot dead. But the past-life fears and my bad karma from past-life means I needed to write it - to feel karmically liberated to write it - without fears - in order to heal the past-life karma of fear of Nazis.


The reason I give him as an example is that EVERYONE you've ever known - however bad they were are nowhere near to evil as Hitler - no-one you've ever met in your life is as evil as him - and even your ex's you actually LOVED them - however bad they were to you - you've survived the experience and are still alive. I've written this statement here - as proof that TIME heals all past-life energies - liberty and freedom of the internet means I can write it - feel relieved and healed at the same time. All the past life fears are healed in a paragraph.


During this karmic time - you too will have the potential to heal all your past-life karmic fears - by dealing with the truth applicable to your soul - and saying things that you'd never be able to have said in your past lives - which applies to EVERYTHING you suppressed and was frightened of saying in your past-life - but the most important facet is to FORGIVE and LET-GO of all the karmic hurt. Let-go because it's all the "past" and is "dead" or soon will be.


All your Karmic Secrets will be revealed to you

At Every New Moon and At Every Full Moon - more and more Karmic Secrets are being revealed to you ....


אף על פי שאיהו לא חזי מזלייהו חזי "Even If You Can't See and sense Something - Your Higher Self Can See and sense It" - that's because the Moon is speaking to you - the invisible energies - ensure you do what destiny wants you to do - at the time destiny wants you to do it. When you're in SYNC everything goes smoothly - when you're attempting to do things you shouldn't be doing and which aren't right for you - then you get frustrated. When you realize this TRUTH - you will realize that you're constantly being given answers, guidance and secrets that your soul needs to know. This is the age of spiritual enlightenment.

In fact - everyday since Neptune entered Pisces in April 2011 - you have been becoming more and more spiritually enlightened - each and every lunar month - has given you a specific facet of clarity in a specific area of your life - at New Moon's and at the Full Moon's.

All you need to do is LISTEN to what YOU are being told - don't listen to others - don't even listen to what I write - because what I write might not be entirely correct for your specific karmic journey - instead listen to your emotions and listen your true feelings and then DO what you know you need to do.


The Destined Journey for Karmic Wholesomeness

is a Kindness defined by Reincarnation


I've been amazed more than once to realize - the karmic gift of the internet - is giving you the wisdom and knowledge you need to grow spiritually and to become karmically WHOLESOME. Indeed, all the answers for this "last" generation are being given to each and everyone - to make each and every become wholesome. It's inclusive of everyone and exclusive of no-one.



The quest and Journey of Karmic Wholesomeness

is inclusive of everyone and exclusive of no-one


This following extract of hebrew text is taken from the spiritual teachings of holy spiritual soul Rabbi Elimelech of Lizhensk from his book the "Noam Elimelech". There is a karmic spiritual reason - why I've quoted the original text - because true spiritual wisdom applies to all people and all nations of the world - irrespective of religion, who you are and where you are.

In the same way the Moon influences EVERYONE on Earth - is the same way that the DIVINE GOD influences everyone - because the DIVINE life is within everything and everyone on Earth - and is the same way that EVERYONE on Earth is on the same collective journey to karmic wholesomeness. It's not about any "exclusive" group - it's a collective inclusive journey that everyone will experience.


True spirituality is inclusive of everyone - because GOD is within everyone and within everything - even within people who deny the existence of GOD - because GOD IS EVERYTHING.


The power of the Moon is able to communicate, steer and guide everyone - through an INEXPLICABLE TRANSFERENCE of INVISIBLE energies - and it does this because the circle of life - enables it to do so - because the DIVINE and KARMIC spiritual soul that resides inside you and that defines you - is connected to the KARMIC flow of INVISIBLE energies from the Moon.


This hebrew text from "Noam Elimelech" explains that when you see BLOSSOM on a tree in spring - it's beautiful to see with your eyes - but "blossom" is only the beginning of cycle to producing the fruit growing on the tree.


Likewise, seeing the NEW MOON each and every month is only the beginning of the cycle before something REAL manifests in your life. It is a fact of life - it's only part of the process. In fact, the more you think you know "all" the answers - the more important you think you are in the cycle of life - the less important you truthfully are.


The polarization and fanaticism amongst man-made religious people are actually working from WITHIN them to destroy their own religion. Through arrogance, stubbornness and even violence against people who don't follow the faith as strictly as "they" do - they are acting to PUSH away people from their own fake "religion" and "cults" - isolation and exclusivity defines the earthbound - whereas inclusiveness defines enlightenment. People who think they "know-it-all" and are so important - are in fact the least important.


When the Karma is complete ....

There's no doubt in my mind that everyone is living the life they're destined to live - even if you're currently living a BIG mistake - that mistake too is your destiny. So that you experience the experiences that life gives you - in order for you to complete your specific karma - and in order for you to move-forward correctly.

And if your life is inexplicably stagnated and you realize something needs to be done - which you're not doing - then until you complete what "it" is you need to do - you won't be able to move-forward.

It is with sincere thanks to the readers who made this possible and with karmic thanks to Rzeszow - Poland - that inexplicably - I was attracted to live in Rzeszow in 2013/2014 to write without distractions. Hence - this section of the website on Reincarnation was completed in Rzeszow, Poland in 2013/2014. It was a brilliant, perfect and inexplicable karmic experience living in Rzeszow - and completing this section in September 2014 has defined a specific phase of life "done" and "complete. . It was thanks to Rzeszow, Poland, the people, the atmosphere and the place - that made it possible. And it was my karmic destiny to have gone back there to do it - now that it's complete - we're moving "home".

Likewise in your life too - when you see what "It" is you're living in a place for - when you realize what "karmic" experiences you're experiencing in places, people and events of your life - and when you complete the past-life karma - then you'll be able to MOVE-ON with your life.



In "2013 & 2014" lived at "Dekerta" on the edge of the "Old-Ghetto" to complete past-life karma of Spiritual Writings

[The past-life karmic link to Rzeszow was vital to complete this section on Reincarnation]


"Reconnecting with Your Past-Life of Prior Reincarnation"

Destiny הכל בידי שמים - Nothing happens by "accident"

Life Only Gives Your Soul the Experiences it Needs


Nothing happens by accident nor coincidence - EVERYTHING happens for a reason - there is no experience, coincidence, event nor happening that is allowed to occur in this physical world unless it is destined to happen. I came back for some inexplicable reason - to correct mistakes made in past-life. You too - will find yourself moving, living and traveling to places where you have unfinished past-life karma - experiences that you need to experience in order to complete all your unfinished past life karma too. What those things are - will be specific to you - and when the karma is complete - you'll move-on with your life too.


"The Torah Codes גילגול"

I've inserted this here - to show that nothing happens by accident - not even the date, time and year ...

There's no such thing as coincidences nor accidents - everything has a specific karmic and destined reason to happen.


Spells the Word - GilGul - meaning Reincarnation


The 5373 letter of the Bible / Torah in the Original Hebrew is a Gimmel, then every 3rd letter spells the hebrew word GILGUL גילגול . The verse is in Genesis Chapter 4 the 2nd to last word in Verse 25; The verse explains that after Cain murdered Abel, because he was Jealous that Abel's offering to GOD was accepted; Adam and Eve had another child called "Sheis".

Kabbalah teaches that this "child" Sheis, was the Reincarnated soul of Abel, hence this soul of "Sheis" became the very 1st GilGul in the world. Verse 26 continues to explain that Sheis prayed to GOD, this teaches that even if a person was murdered their soul has the gift of reincarnation to live life again to fulfill their true destiny and purpose in life.

Adam & Eve knew they needed to have this special destined child Abel whose soul that reincarnated to be Sheis who would to start the generations of mankind following a correct and good spiritual pathway.


כה וידע אדם עוד את אשתו ותלד בן ותקרא את שמו שת כי שת לי אלהים זרע אחר תחת הבל כי

הרגו קין ולשת גם הוא ילד

בן ויקרא את שמו אנוש אז הוחל לקרא בשם יהוה


The 3rd letter in the large font in the middle sentence above starts to spell the word גילגול; then take every 3rd letter you get the word גילגול . The fact that 5373 letter of the Torah starts the word GILGIL גילגול is no fluke, nor accident nor coincidence - as Reb Chaim Vital had collected all his writings and compiled the book Shaar Gilgulim in the Jewish Year 5373 which was 7 years before he died. Absolutely Amazing - Ofcourse it is ! It makes us recognize the enormity and precision of every letter of the Torah and how everything is written in the Torah, every moment of life on earth - this is truly DESTINY. There's no such thing as coincidence or accident. Everything happens for a reason.


סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם